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The Six Best Places To Go Scuba Diving In Italy On Luxury Yacht Charter

We reveal the most spectacular dive sites hiding along Italy’s coast to tick off your bucket list this summer.

The Mediterranean's reputation for scuba diving is often misunderstood, overshadowed by myths of sparse marine life and hordes of tourists. Yet Italy, one the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, boasts hidden dive sites that challenge these perceptions.

Offering a rich tapestry of marine biodiversity, stunning reefs, and historic wrecks, Italy is a top destination for yacht charterers wishing to include scuba diving excursions on their itinerary. Among its treasures, submerged ancient Roman cities, giant underwater caves, WWII shipwrecks, and exotic marine life are all accessible from a superyacht charter. This unique combination of luxury and adventure provides charterers with a curated experience, unveiling Italy's underwater wonders that are waiting to be explored.

Unlike fixed-base diving, a yacht moves with you, providing direct access to remote or less-visited dive locations that are often unreachable from land.

Equipped with the latest diving gear and technology, such as onboard compressors and dive computers, yachts ensure that divers have everything they need at their fingertips. Many yachts also feature PADI-certified dive programs, allowing guests to receive training or refine their skills while on their voyage. This means beginners can safely experience their first dive, and experienced divers can tackle more challenging sites under expert guidance.

The flexibility of a yacht charter means diving schedules can be tailored to avoid the busiest times at popular sites, offering a more private and enjoyable experience. After diving, guests immediately return to the comfort of their yacht, where they can relax in luxury settings, discuss their underwater discoveries, and enjoy gourmet cuisine, making for a seamless transition from adventure to relaxation.


Christ Of The Abyss, Portofino

Depth: 17m/55ft

In the heart of the Italian Riviera, just off San Fruttuoso Abbey near Portofino, the Christ of the Abyss stands as a beacon for divers. This 2.5-meter bronze statue, submerged 17 metres beneath the sea's surface, was inaugurated in 1954 to honour Dario Gonzatti, a scuba diving pioneer, and now memorialises all divers lost at sea. Its accessibility from the shore, situated in relatively shallow waters, makes it a favoured spot for divers of all levels, including free divers and snorkelers.

The Christ of the Abyss is not just a monument but a thriving underwater habitat, home to diverse marine life like moray eels, groupers, corals, and sponges, making it an ideal spot for underwater photography. The site is easily recognisable and safeguarded by signal buoys, ensuring its preservation for future generations.

Its unique blend of art, history, and natural beauty, along with its contribution to marine biodiversity, firmly establishes the Christ of the Abyss as a top dive site in Italy, offering a memorable experience for those exploring Italy by luxury yacht.

Christ of the Abyss Statue


Baiae, Amalfi Coast

Depth: Between 10-20m/32-66ft

The ancient Roman city of Baiae, on the Gulf of Naples, was once a fashionable seaside resort, notorious for its wild parties and opulent lifestyle. Now a submerged city whispering tales of ancient Rome's opulence. This underwater archaeological park now serves as an ethereal dive site. At depths of 10-20m, divers are greeted by an astonishing sight: ruins of luxurious villas, including one believed to have belonged to Emperor Claudius, and public buildings adorned with well-preserved mosaics and statues, stand as silent witnesses to the city's former glory.

Baiae's allure lies not only in its rich history but also in its accessibility to divers and snorkellers of all levels. The clear waters offer a vivid tableau of ancient life, where intricate mosaic floors and the remnants of opulent bathhouses blend seamlessly with the marine ecosystem that has reclaimed them.

For those on an Amalfi Coast superyacht charter, Baiae presents a unique opportunity to explore what could be termed the 'Italian Atlantis'. Beyond the thrill of discovery, it's a poignant reminder of nature's power to both preserve and reclaim the grandeur of human achievement. This dive spot is a must-visit for anyone looking to add a touch of historical intrigue to their luxury voyage.

Underwater city of Baiae


Cala Goloritzè, Sardinia

Depth: Between 6-34m/ 20-112ft

Cala Goloritzè, located in Sardinia's Ogliastra region, is a UNESCO-protected gem that epitomises the natural beauty the Mediterranean has to offer. Formed by a landslide in 1962, it's now celebrated for its clear waters, unique rock formations, and the towering Aguglia pinnacle, rising 148 metres above the beach. Despite its small size, Cala Goloritzè offers some of the best swimming and diving experiences on Italy's west coast, thanks to its protected status, rich marine life and incredibly well preserved KT-12 WWII wreck.

Access to this secluded beach is limited to foot or boat, ensuring a tranquil environment for visitors. The beach is ideal for morning visits as the sun hides behind the rocks in the afternoon. Beyond diving, the area is ripe for exploration, with numerous coves and natural springs nearby, such as Spiaggia delle Sorgenti, just 200 metres away.

Cala Goloritzè's status as a "National Italian Monument" underlines its significance, making it a must-visit for luxury yacht charterers seeking unparalleled natural beauty. It stands out as a top dive site in Italy, offering both underwater adventures and a serene beach experience in an environmentally protected setting.

Cala Goloritzè


Grotta Di Nettuno (Neptune's Grotto), Sardinia

Depth: Between 3-9m/10-30ft

Discovered in the 18th century by local fishermen, the Grotta di Nettuno caves have been named in honour of Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea. Formed approximately two million years ago, the Grotto lies within the marine sanctuary of Capo Caccia-Isola Piana, part of the expansive Porto Conte Park. Its subterranean network extends over 2,000 metres, with ancient stalactites and stalagmites meeting over serene pools, creating an almost ethereal ambiance.

Access is primarily by sea, making it an exclusive adventure best enjoyed on a luxury yacht charter, and the daring can descend the 654-step "Escala del Cabirol" for a dramatic experience. Inside, the Grotto unfolds into a series of majestic chambers, each telling a story of geological epochs.

A guided scuba tour unveils large chambers like the vast Lake La Marmora, with its clear, salty waters and sandy shore, before leading to the grandeur of the Palace Room, the acoustics of the Music Room balcony, and the intricate formations of the Room of Ruins and Organ Room. Beyond these points, only expert speleologists may venture, ensuring the preservation of this delicate ecosystem.

Neptune's Grotto


Secca Della Colombara, Sicily

Depth: Between 3-50m/10-164ft

Ustica, a small island off Sicily's northwest coast, is a top destination for luxury superyacht charters with scuba diving enthusiasts. The island's marine reserve, Secca della Colombara, is celebrated for its rich biodiversity and underwater landscapes. Divers here can expect to encounter dense schools of barracudas, sea bream, and groupers, along with a vibrant array of corals.

The dive site offers experiences for all skill levels, from shallow waters to a challenging descent along a steep coral-covered wall reaching depths of up to 50 metres. This area is home to a diverse marine life, including conger and moray eels, lobsters, and a variety of sponges and nudibranchs (sea slugs). Notably, the site also features a merchant shipwreck from 2005, now an artificial reef teeming with sea creatures.

Ustica's appeal is further enriched by its volcanic origin, earning it the nickname "Black Pearl." The underwater terrain is marked by cliffs, wrecks, and caverns, making it a unique diving experience in the Mediterranean. This combination of accessible marine diversity and intriguing underwater topography places Ustica among Italy's premier scuba diving destinations.

Secca della Colombara


Isola Bella, Sicily

Depth: Between 10-25m/32-82ft

Isola Bella, a small yet stunning islet off Taormina, Sicily, offers a unique underwater experience that merits its place among Italy's top dive sites. Once a private haven for wealthy English woman and botanist, Florence Trevelyan, this island gem is a diver's paradise, with waters rich in marine life set against a backdrop of volcanic landscapes. Divers can explore a vivid underwater world, teeming with barracuda, octopus, and stingrays, thanks to the clear, warm waters of the Marine Reserve.

The diving here caters to all levels. Novices can enjoy Discover Scuba Diving programs, exploring up to 5 meters deep under expert guidance, while experienced divers can delve into deeper, more challenging terrains. The area is known for its fascinating geological formations, created by Mount Etna's lava flows, which form dramatic underwater sculptures, swim-throughs, and arches. Historical remnants, like ancient anchors and amphorae, add an element of intrigue to the dives.

Isola Bella's combination of accessible diving, rich marine biodiversity, and unique geological and historical features make it a must-visit destination on any luxury yacht charter in Italy. This dive site not only promises an unforgettable underwater adventure but also a peek into the island's natural and cultural heritage while in an Italian yacht charter.

Isola Bella


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