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Articles Charge up your Superyacht Experience: The Top Six Electric Tenders

Choosing the right tender is a key part of making sure your time on a superyacht is unforgettable.

From providing effortless ship-to-shore transport and luxurious all-day adventures, to offering high-speed thrills in a reliable package, a quality tender must be able to do it all.

As we all know, film companies that didn’t go digital didn’t survive, and shipyards that don’t innovate away from fossil fuels… well, it may be the same story. With the ever evolving developments in electrified propulsion, a new crop of electric tenders has begun to emerge on the market and is presenting a new sustainably conscious tender option.

Offering a much quieter ride than a traditional combustion engine, no need to bunker flammable fuel on board your yacht, and access to protected waters, there are many upsides to going green. Here are our top six electric tenders we believe offer the best blend of performance, range, and luxury in a sustainable package.

1 Soel Yachts Custom Model Electric Speed Boat

Combining elegant styling reminiscent of 1930s Silver Arrow Formula 1 cars with cutting-edge electric propulsion technology and a commitment to sustainability, this solar powered speedboat is truly one of a kind. A testament to the incredible advancements in electric propulsion, Soel Yachts have cleverly packaged the latest electrified propulsion and photovoltaic solar cell technology into an achingly beautiful day cruiser.

Measuring 10 metres in length and 2.7 metres in width, with a 71 kWh Li-ion battery and an impressive weight of just 950 kg, this speedboat is a standout choice for those who prioritise speed and efficiency. The lightweight monocoque hull constructed from carbon fibre allows for exceptional acceleration, while the LCD touch-screen control system enables effortless operation for both seasoned and new boaters alike.

Soel yachts tender

What sets the Soel Yacht’s Custom Design Electric Speedboat apart, however, is its use of photovoltaic cells. Covering the striking foredeck – this solar-powered electric speed boat is outfitted with seven square metres of solar area, enabling it to harness the power of the sun to fuel its propulsion system.

Capable of reaching a top speed of 30 knots, this electric speedboat offers a unique and thrilling ride that is sure to excite and inspire even the most discerning thrill-seekers. The high voltage propulsion system provides powerful acceleration, allowing riders to experience the incredible performance of an electric speedboat without compromising on sustainability or style.

Soel yachts

2 Navier 30

This Silicon Valley start-up is aiming to revolutionise ship-to-shore transport with their self-proclaimed boat of the future. A carbon fibre electric tender making use of cutting-edge hydrofoil technology to increase efficiency by 90% over traditional planning boats, the Navier 30 presents a genuine step change in electric tender design.

With input from America’s Cup engineer and hydrofoil expert Paul Bieker, the Navier 30 comes equipped with highly advanced active foils fore and aft to fly silently 4 feet above the chop, while an innovative autopilot and hazard alert system make for effortless helming and docking.

Delivered in either a cabin or hardtop configuration, this smooth riding electric tender will have a 75 nautical-mile range at a fast cruise speed of 20 knots, while a top speed of 30 knots offers ample performance. Storage in a yacht garage, exploring shallow waters, and landing on private beaches are all possible as the foils are retractable, while bold and contemporary styling perfectly match the futuristic luxury this electric tender aims to deliver.

Navier 30

3 DC25

Designed and built in the Netherlands with practicality in mind, the DC25 can do it all. Thanks to an innovative deck railing system, the 25 foot electric tender from Dutch Craft can carry out the jobs of multiple tender platforms in one neat package.

With no need for multiple tenders in your superyacht garage, more space is afforded for all important superyacht toys. Able to carry a maximum of 10 passengers, this superb electric tender can be converted within minutes from ship-to-shore transport with luxurious seating, to a dive boat featuring a custom rack with up to eight dive sets.

DC25 tender

The helm console is located forward, and the aft deck seating is totally removable, so transporting a mini-submersible, a sailing dinghy, or even a pair of jet skis is no problem. A 100kw motor powered by 135kWh of reconditioned Tesla lithium batteries provides enough power for the electric tender to cruise for 7.5 hours, and fully recharge in just two.

While a 30-knot top speed offers impressive performance, ingenious design features throughout, such as the drop down bow for simple step ashore, collapsible hard top for easy storage in a yacht garage, and the fold down swim platform, make this carbon fibre electric tender a top pick to serve any superyacht.

DC25 tender

4 Riva E1-ISEO

A celebration of 180 years of this iconic Italian brand, the E1-Iseo is Riva’s answer to their contemporary rivals. An all-new prototype unveiled at the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco, this 27-foot electric tender combines Riva’s rich heritage with their drive for innovation and sustainability.

While offering unmistakable elegance reminiscent of the brand’s classic models, this tender embraces the cutting edge of electric propulsion, and the added performance, comfort, and pollution-free running that comes with it. The Parker GVM310 electric engine powering a traditional stern drive propulsion system offers staggering acceleration. Cruising at an impressive 25 knots, and with a maximum speed of 40 knots, the specially designed lithium battery pack provides an incredible ten hours of run time in economy mode.

RIVA E1-ISEO tender

These remarkable numbers, paired with iconic Riva chrome finishes, a sweptback windscreen, a large cockpit, and a stunning mahogany foredeck with maple inlays, provide superyacht owners an unmissable electric tender option that combines nostalgic and elegant lines with the cutting edge in electric propulsion technology.

RIVA E1-ISEO tender

5 Q30

Constructed by Q Yachts in Helsinki, Finland, the Q30 is built to the highest quality standards by skilled Finnish craftsmen. With a silent ride, akin to that of a sailing yacht as the design concept, the electric power train and hydrodynamically optimised hull combine to provide a remarkably comfortable, and sublime electric tender leaving behind zero emissions and minimal wash – all in near silence.

With efficient battery packs that can be charged anywhere using a standard plug and a 10-hour run time cruising at six knots, you really can use the Q30 all day and recharge it overnight for an effortless ownership experience.

Functional design elements for a comfortable ride are featured throughout. From a refrigerator, water point, and electric toilet to a range of hull, deck, and interior colour options to match your superyacht, the Q30 truly is a high-end electric day cruiser perfect for ship-to-shore transport, or luxurious day trips in the secluded coves your superyacht can’t reach.

Q30 tender

6 Sarvo37

A truly unique electric tender, this eye-catching day boat incorporates staggering performance with stability, and impressive range to offer an exceptional solution for those seeking out a stylish electric tender option. The sea-aluminium hull is clearly the most striking design feature. Cast from recycled aluminium, it is corrosion resistant and far stronger than its fibreglass counterparts, to offer a tender of both style, and substance.

Performance and practicality are staples of the SARVO37’s design. The 1280 horsepower electric motor and five bladed propeller, partly above the waterline for increased bite, provide astonishing performance with a top speed of 70 knots, while leisurely cruising will allow for up to 100 nautical miles of range, and an auxiliary battery pack ensures you will never accidentally run out of power while at sea.

Sarvo37 tender

Minimal maintenance is required too. With no need to polish the hull, durable silicone seats that don’t fade like traditional leather, and a minimalist cabin, this electric tender is unequivocally a top choice for sustainability conscious customers looking for a tender that offers the height of style and sophistication with the ability to effortlessly out-perform most powerboats.


When it comes to superyachts, having a good quality tender is essential for accessing ports and beaches that may be unreachable by the larger vessel. A tender serves as a mode of transportation for passengers and supplies, and it can also be used for recreational activities like water skiing and diving.

If you want to know more about superyacht tenders and which one would best suit your needs, our experienced yacht brokers are here to help. They can advise you on what tender to choose and guide you to make an informed decision.

Luxury and convenience are important to you, and we understand that. Our Team of experts are committed to making sure that your seafaring journey is smooth and enjoyable. So, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to start exploring the ocean in style.

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