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Articles Charter Yachts With Chase Boats: What Are They And Why Should You Charter One?

Discover how the modern chase boat elevates your yachting experience, blending speed with luxury for unforgettable experiences.

Gone are the days when a yacht tender’s sole purpose was to ferry guests ashore or assist with day-to-day operational tasks, often at the mercy of the elements and with limited capacity. In a dynamic shift towards opulence and efficiency, the yachting community is witnessing the rise of the chase tender – a vessel that transcends the conventional, marrying speed with luxury.

The chase boat, a term once reserved for speed boats trailing regatta yachts, has evolved into an indispensable feature of the modern superyacht. These vessels, ranging in length from 9 to 20 metres, boast customisation levels that would make any luxury enthusiast’s heart flutter. From plush accommodations and cutting-edge technology to impressive cruising capabilities and top speeds, chase tenders are now a symbol of the avant-garde in yachting. Their independence from the mothership affords charter guests more expansive exploration on their vacation, propelled by engines that pack a punch, ensuring quick and agile navigation.


At the core of every chase tender lies a harmonious blend of functionality and luxury. These vessel’s optimise space, with cabins strategically placed to maximise comfort and utility. But the allure of a chase boat does not end with its accommodation.

Whether it’s facilitating an impromptu water sports session, serving as a gourmet dining spot, or providing a quick getaway to secluded beaches, a chase tender adapts to the diverse needs of its guests. Ingenious storage solutions ensure that an array of water toys is always at hand, while ample power guarantees exhilarating speeds and swift transitions between locales.

Motor yacht TRIUMPH chase tender


A chase tender serves as your passport to exploring hidden gems along the coastline, from ancient towns to untouched sands, with an ease and speed unmatched by traditional tenders. Beyond its exploratory prowess, the chase tender brings an added layer of luxury to your yachting experience. It’s a vessel that not only matches but often surpasses a limousine tender’s comfort and elegance, equipped with amenities that make every journey from ship to shore memorable.

Whether it’s conducting reconnaissance for the perfect anchorage spot or providing a private, luxurious escape for guests in a cove the mothership can’t reach, a chase tender adds a dimension of freedom and flexibility to the yachting experience.


Chartering superyachts with chase boats enhances your luxury vacation, offering elegant access to hard-to-reach destinations in comfort and style. These boats extend the luxury of the main yacht, providing efficient transportation and effortless exploration, elevating the entire charter experience. We have listed just four superyachts with chase tenders to show you what is possible. But rest assured, the increased demand for charter yachts to supply a chase tender means there is plenty more where they came from.


Both imposing and graceful, the Anvera 58′ takes luxury at sea to another level with its 23.4 square meters of beach area, exceptional for a boat of its size, offering unparalleled comfort and space. The inclusion of side openable terraces further expands this deck area, creating an inviting open-air lounge on the water.

But the Anvera 58′ isn’t just about comfort. Powered by twin MAN Engines with 850 HP each, it boasts a breathtaking top speed of 50 knots and a cruising speed of 40 knots. This power and speed make the Anvera 58′ ideal for quick jaunts across bays or island hopping in the Caribbean, combining efficiency with exhilaration.

Entertainment and practical needs are also well catered for. Equipped with a 65l refrigerator, an induction cooking top, and an icemaker, refreshments and meals are always at hand. Paired with an upgraded Fusion sound system, and space to carry a jet ski on the aft deck, whether its elegant ship-to-shore transport, seamless access to private beaches, or blasting your favourite tunes as you cruise between destinations, LEL’s chase boat is the perfect addition to any luxury yacht charter.


In May 2024, ISOTTA expanded its collection of luxury watertoys with the addition of a SAXDOR 400 GTO, a chase boat known for its blend of performance and design. With a length of 12.4 metres (40.7 feet), a twin-stepped hull designed for twin outboard rigs, and 800 hp on tap, it achieves speeds between 35 and 48 knots with ease.

The design of the 400 GTO stands out for its practicality and style. Its open wheelhouse, utilising the full beam of the boat, enhances living space and provides access to side terraces, offering a unique, open-air experience at sea. This layout not only maximises functionality but also introduces a level of luxury uncommon in vessels of its size.

Below deck, the accommodation is generously laid out with a spacious forward double cabin, a separate bathroom, and an additional amidships cabin, all furnished with a keen eye for detail and style.

3 YCM 120: AXOPAR 28

The Axopar 28, added to YCM 120’s toy box in 2023, offers a blend of style, agility, and functionality. This 28-foot vessel, with a top speed range of 32–46 knots, stands out for its fuel efficiency and modern design. It serves a range of purposes from leisure cruising, water sports, to fishing, courtesy of its spacious configuration.

Its cabin, suitable for short overnight stays, is complemented by a cockpit designed to offer protection in rough seas while remaining spacious and open for sunny days.

Entertaining is made easy with the built-in wet bar, perfect for serving drinks. The foredeck hosts an L-shaped sofa and optional table, ideal for relaxation and socialising. The boat’s design emphasises versatility with walkaround side access and a configurable aft deck that caters to a variety of activities, from fishing to lounging.

Axopar 28


Launched in 2022, the Anvera 48 redefines the concept of a day cruise, offering a blend of high-speed thrill and uncompromised comfort for up to 12 guests. Able to reach an exhilarating 50 knots, heading to secluded beaches and zipping across Mediterranean bays with head turning appeal becomes the norm.

The Anvera 48 isn’t just fast; it’s smart. Engineered for efficiency, it boasts a remarkable speed-to-consumption ratio (3.4 litres per mile at 40 knots). Bringing the luxury of a larger yacht into a compact, nimble package, with its wide side-opening terraces and an assortment of water toys, the Anvera 48 ensures that adventure and relaxation are never mutually exclusive.

Beyond its performance, every detail from the sleek carbon fibre construction to the lightweight yet robust handrails and roof the Anvera 48 is a testament to exquisite Italian craftsmanship. Combining aesthetic appeal with practical luxury, this is the perfect companion for ARBEMA providing an exclusive escape to the world’s most decadent destinations.

Anvera 48

A chase tender is an invaluable addition to a luxury superyacht charter, significantly enhancing the overall experience by providing guests with unparalleled flexibility and access to a broader range of activities and destinations. Acting as a high-speed, versatile companion to the main yacht, chase tenders allow for spontaneous exploration of secluded beaches, hidden coves, and charming coastal towns that larger vessels cannot reach. They facilitate a variety of water sports, from scuba diving and snorkelling to wakeboarding, ensuring every adventure is just a swift, comfortable ride away. Moreover, chase tenders offer an added layer of privacy and convenience, enabling guests to disembark and return to the superyacht at their leisure, making them essential for those seeking a truly bespoke and luxurious charter experience.

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