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A Charterer’s Guide to Greece

With further developments hinting towards a significant opening of Greece's gates to the international superyacht community, there's no better time to start thinking about it as a charter destination.

The true beauty of Greece is found in its never-ending diversity across the historical, cultural, and entertainment realms. However, the breadth and depth of choice can often feel overwhelming for prospective visitors. It is therefore crucial to pick your charter route carefully in collaboration with your broker. Read on for a brief overview of the primary regions in Greece, each of which delivers its own unique taste of what the country has to offer. 


Mainland Greece

Athens and the Acropolis remain high on the list of must-see places to visit on any trip to Greece and are a fantastic starting point from which to begin your superyacht charter. Experienced aboard a vessel of your own, the wide beaches and whitewashed villages, coupled with the rich maritime history and ancient tradition, will undoubtedly provoke a unique feeling of intrigue and awe unparalleled anywhere else. 

Learn more about Mainland Greece as a yacht charter destination.

Mainland Greece Yacht Charter Athens


The Cyclades

Located to the South East of Athens, the 39 stunning islands of the Cyclades remain one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, and for good reason. If you are looking for a spot of island hopping between some of the world's most iconic islands (Santorini and Mykonos to name just a few), then the Cyclades is the superyacht charter destination for you. 

Learn more about the Cyclades Islands as a yacht charter destination.

Cyclades Greek Islands yacht charter


The Dodecanese

Moving further East, home to the renowned islands of Rhodes and Kos, sits the Dodecanese Islands. As a group of 15 primary land masses and 150 smaller islands, there's certainly no shortage of stopping points in this region. Well known for their medieval castles, peaceful fishing villages, and panoramic coastal views, the Dodecanese Islands provide the perfect destination for any superyacht charter. Restful escape is a top priority. 

Learn more about the Dodecanese Islands as a yacht charter destination.

Dodecanese Greek Islands yacht charter


The Saronic Islands

Last but certainly not least are the Saronic Islands. Located to the southwest of Athens, the Saronic Islands are well known for their stunning beaches and ancient ruins. Whether visiting the classic Greek temple of Aphaea on Aegina or immersing yourself in the vehicle-free lifestyle of Hydra, there's a new experience found around every corner. 

Learn more about the Saronic Islands as a yacht charter destination.

Saronic Greek Islands Hydra yacht charter

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