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Choosing food and drink on board a yacht charter

A vacation is not complete without the very best food and drink. Find out what to expect when dining on board a luxury yacht charter.

Fine dining, fancy wines and gourmet dishes are among the greatest pleasures of a luxury holiday. Fresh local produce from tropical destinations, new and exciting cuisines and Michelin-starred nights out are all part and parcel of a superyacht charter, and with a world-class chef at your disposal for the duration of the charter, you would be remiss not to take advantage of this exquisite opportunity.

We can all agree that a vacation is not complete without the very best food and drink. And chartering is any gastronome’s dream vacation, allowing you to try a variety of cuisines and dishes throughout your travels - from the famed seafood in Sardinia, to traditional Thai street food in South East Asia. Whilst the yacht itself offers an unrivalled level of indulgence and luxury, the location and food will also play a part in determining the success of your charter experience, so it’s an important element to consider.

Choosing the right location

If you consider yourself something of a foodie, choosing the right location to complement your taste is critical. Maybe you are an adventurous food-lover, keen to try local specialities and unique dishes. Or perhaps you are a particular fan of seafood, eager to visit some of the world’s renowned seafood havens in the West Mediterranean. 

With an onboard chef keen to impress, they will use the best local produce to introduce you to the unique flavours of your destination. From premium seafood to oriental spices, they will know the best ways to show you the delights of your chosen location. 

SOARING chef food


A luxury yacht charter is not complete without trying some of the area’s most renowned restaurants. From hidden gastronomic treasures favoured by the locals, to Michelin-starred dining establishments known for their silver service, stunning presentation and creative dishes - when going ashore, you will have no end of choices for where to eat. 

Your Captain will also be able to recommend some of the best restaurants using their local expertise, and will be more than happy to arrange reservations should you wish to dine ashore throughout your charter vacation. 



With a crewed yacht charter, any food and beverages throughout your vacation will be covered in your Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA). Paid before the charter, this sum covers any additional costs incurred throughout the vacation, including fuel, berthing fees, and food and drink. 

The APA usually amounts to 25-40% of your charter fee, but any of the funds that aren’t used throughout the charter will be reimbursed at the end of your holiday. Equally, if your expenditure exceeds the amount paid in the APA, you will be expected to cover the additional costs at the end of the charter. 


Have any favourite snacks you simply cannot live without? Or maybe you would like a particular bottle of champagne to celebrate a special occasion whilst on board the yacht? Whatever your preferences, you will have the opportunity to request specific food and beverages prior to your charter. 

This also includes listing any dietary requirements, so that your chef can make necessary adjustments to the menus to ensure maximum comfort and safety for everyone on board. 

Pancakes on board SOARING

What to Expect

A yacht charter promises luxury, indulgence and style - and the food is no exception. Think alfresco suppers beneath the stars, lazy seafood lunches on the aft deck, and bountiful breakfasts as you soak up the morning sun. Dining on board a yacht charter is down to your preference - whether you fancy a decadent sit-down feast around a well-adorned dining table, or a laid back picnic on the beach. 

The meal times, ingredients, and dining style are all entirely down to you. By filling out the food preference form before your charter, your chef will be able to tailor each day’s menu to your personal taste, ensuring every dining experience exceeds expectations. And with a five-star crew at your disposal, you can even set the formality of your dining, from silver service suppers to more casual arrangements - the choice is yours.

Dining on board a charter yacht is an experience in itself, recreating the luxury restaurant experience from the privacy and seclusion of your own vessel. 


A perfect charter experience is about more than the yacht. It’s about the location, the crew, the food and the opportunities throughout the duration of your vacation. It’s about making memories that will last a lifetime.

If you want to make sure your next charter is the best yet, get in touch with our charter broker team, who will be more than happy to help create your idyllic yacht charter.

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