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Meet the Team: Rebecca Pattinson

With a passion for her career and life as a whole, we dive into the intriguing world of Senior Charter Broker and ultramarathon runner Rebecca Pattinson.

As one of the most established Charter Brokers in the luxury yachting industry today, Rebecca Pattinson is the longest-serving member of the Ocean Independence Charter Team. From graduating with a degree in politics and media at Oxford University and running ultramarathons across deserts and jungles, to signing over 1000 charter contracts for Ocean Independence, Rebecca certainly doesn't do things by halves. 

OI: How did you get into the industry and what inspired you to become a Charter Broker?

After my degree in Politics, I was employed by the Conservative Party as an Event Manager for the 1997 Election Campaign. John Major lost, and I left the country.

I ended up in Monaco and was employed by an F1 Sponsor as Events Manager for the Monaco Grand Prix …and so it all began.

I have since completed over 110 Monaco Grand Prix yacht charters and at last count, I am close to signing my 1,000th charter contract for Ocean Independence. John Major losing the ’97 Election Campaign was his loss but certainly my gain.

Some people have said I was lucky to start when I did (and sure ‘right place right time’ helps), but hard work puts you where success can find you, and Peter Hürzeler took a chance on me when we met in Monaco. The rest is history. 

OI: What is your favourite part of your job and what aspects of your work challenge you the most?

I believe if you love your job, you will be good at it, and if you are good at it then you will love it even more. 

I love it more every day and try to learn from my clients who are the most driven, determined, and hardworking of individuals.

I am an obsessive organiser, a passionate people-pleaser, and a fanatical perfectionist. Paired with my enthusiasm for endurance sports, I guess I’m well suited to delivering what I hope will be the holiday of a lifetime for the most discerning clients. 

OI: What hobbies do you have outside of the office?

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a slightly twisted take on hobbies. I have run (self-supported) 250 km across the Sahara, Atacama, Namibian and Gobi deserts. As well as 250 km through the jungle in Costa Rica and across the Himalayas.

If I am not running, you will find me cycling in the Alpes Maritimes, or escaping to my house in the Highlands of Scotland to summit the Munros and brave the elements of the Scottish winters.

I feel so blessed and privileged to live and work in Monaco, the ultimate inspiration and motivational backdrop for my two loves – my job, and cycling.

Rebecca Pattinson
Rebecca Pattinson

OI: What trends do you currently see emerging in yacht charter?

I suppose the trendy answer is more focus on green yachting and indeed this is what we all strive for. If I am honest though, since the pandemic my clients are more ready than ever to spend whatever it takes to have the very best experience with friends and family.

I believe clients are accepting the days of getting a deal or discount are over. Chartering a luxury yacht is expensive, and I believe my clients appreciate you cannot put a price on this level of luxury, privacy, and quality of service in stunning destinations.

OI: What, in your opinion, is the key to a perfect yacht charter? 

Choose the best Charter Broker. There is no need to make a list of the usual answers about a great crew, quality yacht, and perfect destination. Put your faith in your Broker and rest assured your charter will be fabulous.

OI: What is your favourite yachting destination?

I could be interesting and say Alaska, Galapagos, Antarctica, or other such incredible destinations (all of which I have recently arranged thrilling charters for my clients) but for me, Corsica will always be my go-to destination.

I think Corsica is often overlooked, but those who have visited will share my passion for this beautiful island. 

Along with its crystal-clear waters, year-round sunshine, picturesque anchorage spots, ancient fishing villages, and pretty ports, the most dramatic mountains and breath-taking scenery justify why Corsica is known as the ‘Ile de Beaute’.

OI: What are common misconceptions about your job, and the yachting industry in general?

Living in Monaco and being a yacht broker can be a dangerous cocktail. From the outside it can all seem like one big jolly, but we all know there is no substitute for hard work. I strive to remain humble and not let the ‘glamourous façade’ be a distraction (or just give up alcohol and take up cycling, that certainly helps).

Rebecca Pattinson

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