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Meet the Team: Stephanie Archer

To celebrate 15 years of service, we’re diving into the world of Senior Charter Manager, Stephanie Archer. 

Based in our Sussex office, Stephanie first set foot in Ocean Independence back in 2007, and has since built strong global relationships throughout the superyacht industry, and personally represented an impressive number of motor and sailing yachts up to 100 metres.

OI: What inspired you to work in the yachting industry?

Australia. Need I say more? I was immediately drawn in by the amazing waters, incredible weather and beautiful marine life - I wanted to enjoy it, not sit in an office in Sydney.

OI: What is your favourite part of your job?

I love the technicalities of being a Charter Manager. Having to consider weather patterns, the yacht, the crew and the guests’ individual requirements and expectations - managing to put it all together successfully is hugely satisfying, knowing you will have a happy Owner and charterer. 

OI: What aspects of your job would you say challenge you the most?

As you can probably expect, things don’t always go 100% according to plan. You need to be able to think on your feet, and it’s crucial to always remember who you are representing - not just your client, but also the company, and yourself.

OI: What are some of the career highlights from your 15 years with Ocean Independence?

There have been a few major highlights to my career with Ocean Independence. Without a doubt, one would have to be the Monaco Yacht Show - immersing yourself in one of the largest boat shows in the world and being seen on the world’s stage of luxury is an unforgettable experience.

Another highlight was hosting a familiarisation trip in the Norwegian fjords. Seeing them up close and getting the chance to climb Pulpit Rock was truly exhilarating. And working directly with Damen Shipyard to represent the support vessel GAME CHANGER for charter was both challenging and enlightening at the same time.

OI: What are some of your favourite activities outside of work?

Summertime kayaking, clay pigeon shooting, riding pillion on a Ducati Multistrada, exploring the Yorkshire Moors, and of course, spending time with my dog. 

OI: What is one thing that surprised you about working in the yachting industry?

It has amazed me how resilient the industry is. In 15 years, we’ve gone through the 2008 downturn, spates of terrorist bombings in charter locations, a global pandemic and now the war between Russia and Ukraine. With so many hurdles and rapid changes, you quickly learn to think outside the box in order to adapt. 

OI: What is the coolest feature that you’ve seen on a charter yacht?

I remember CHRISTINA O’s swimming pool had a floor that would rise or fall based on the guest’s preference, and they would sometimes set it very shallow to keep lobsters in for the guests to select their supper. I thought that was pretty amazing!


    CHRISTINA O Shallow Pool

    OI: What are your three top tips for someone looking to break into the industry as a Charter Manager?

    I’d say the first thing is to gain first-hand charter crew experience. It really helps to know what you are managing from experience. You also need to be willing to learn, as in this industry you’ll never stop learning. And you have to have a real zest for life and what the world has to offer. 

    OI: What is your favourite charter destination?

    I have two clear favourites: Vanuatu is beautiful and much of it remains untouched, which makes it a really stunning place to visit. And the British Virgin Islands are a great sailing ground. 

    "Erakor Island, Vanuatu "
    Erakor Island, Vanuatu

    OI: What are you looking forward to in the next chapter of your career?

    I’m really looking forward to having some time beyond managing my fleet to pass on my experience and teach others who are keen to enter the industry - whether through a training school, charity or just helping junior colleagues.


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