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The Sale And Management Of 70m ALFA: Ocean Independence's Blueprint For Effortless Yacht Ownership

Discover how Ocean Independence's synergy between yacht and charter management teams offers unparalleled after-sales support, ensuring the smoothest yacht ownership experience.

In February 2024, Ocean Independence successfully completed the sale of the 70-metre Benetti motor yacht ALFA. This achievement, facilitated by our very own Anton Foord, is not only a testament to our continued pursuit of excellence and deep understanding of the luxury yacht market, but a perfect example of our holistic approach to delivering exceptional yachting services.

Following the sale of ALFA, a stunning yacht that garnered a Neptune award at the 2021 World Superyacht Awards, Ocean Independence has taken on a comprehensive role, managing both yacht and charter operations. A move that demonstrates our integrated approach, ensuring operational efficiency, strict regulatory compliance, and the highest level of Client satisfaction.



At Ocean Independence, the collaborative effort between our yacht and charter management Teams is instrumental in the operational and commercial success of all the yachts in our management fleet, and a significant factor behind ALFA’s new Owner making the decision to move all management responsibilities to Ocean Independence.

This synergy is not incidental but a result of deliberate strategic planning and a shared commitment to excellence. Our integrated management approach ensures that ALFA benefits from the combined expertise of both departments, enabling us to maintain her prestigious status and deliver exceptional experiences to our Clients.

The Yacht Management Team's meticulous attention to ALFA’s maintenance, crewing, and regulatory compliance is seamlessly complemented by the Charter Management Team's focus on marketing, Client relations, and booking operations. This cohesive approach allows for a fluid transition between private use and charter engagements, ensuring ALFA is always presented in pristine condition and ready to meet the exacting standards of her Owner or charter guests.

Moreover, our Teams collaborate on scheduling and itinerary planning, considering both the Owner's preferences and charter bookings to maximise the yacht's usage while ensuring optimal satisfaction for the Owner.

This teamwork extends beyond operational logistics to encompass a unified approach to market ALFA. By leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and extensive network, we position ALFA at the forefront of the luxury charter market, attracting discerning Clients seeking unparalleled yachting experiences. The synergy between our yacht and charter management Teams is a cornerstone of our service, ensuring an effortless ownership experience.




The journey with ALFA, from her sale to ongoing management, illuminates the path forward for Ocean Independence in the yacht and charter management sector. This is just one example of our management Team’s success. So, as we look to the future, we are inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead, enhancing our offerings, and setting new standards in the luxury yachting industry.

Innovation and Client-focused strategies will drive our approach, as we continually seek to adapt and evolve in anticipation of the changing needs and preferences of yacht owners and charter guests. Our commitment to leveraging the latest technology and sustainability practices alongside the personalised service our industry experts provide, will ensure that we remain at the forefront of yacht management, delivering services that are not only exceptional but also responsible and forward-thinking.

The introduction of ALFA to our management fleet is a testament to our team's ability to synergize across departments, a model we employ with each yacht we represent. By fostering this collaborative environment, we unlock efficiencies, enhance Client satisfaction, and ensure that every yacht under our management achieves its full potential, both in private use and on the charter market.

Our vision for the future is bold yet achievable, anchored in the professionalism, expertise, and passion that define Ocean Independence. We are committed to not just meeting the expectations of our clients but exceeding them, offering an unrivalled yachting experience that is synonymous with excellence, innovation, and bespoke service.

You can find more information on our Yacht Management services here.

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