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Articles Investing in Excellence: Empowered Professionals at Ocean Independence

Step into a world where opulence and expertise coexist, and where the future of luxury yachting is shaped by the hands of the industry's most promising talent.

At Ocean Independence, we are not only devoted to curating unforgettable experiences for our Clients, but also to nurturing the potential of our Team, ensuring a legacy of excellence that transcends generations.

As we approach the mid-point of 2023, we stand resolute in our commitment to forging a path for our younger generation of professionals, as well as supporting the continuous growth of those with more industry experience. By offering myriad in-house training and development opportunities, we position ourselves at the forefront of the industry, recognising the vital importance of cultivating talent and expertise from within.

With our dedication to development stronger than ever, we invite you to delve into a range of experiences, where passion, knowledge, and growth intertwine. Below are a selection of examples showcasing our investment into Team development. From fascinating familiarisation trips to exotic destinations, immersive industry events, and enlightening keynote sessions, each weaves together the fabric of our commitment to excellence.



At Ocean Independence, our commitment to excellence has driven us to organise Ocean Independence Industry Keynote Sessions (OI IKNS) with renowned guest speakers. These monthly IKNS offer our Team a unique opportunity to delve into various aspects of the luxury yachting industry and related fields.

In a recent conversation Niklas Miersch – Ocean Independence Business Developer – explained that, “We implemented the OI IKNS to provide our Team members with industry insights that enhance their expertise beyond their typical work environment. By inviting guest speakers from specialised sectors, we ensure our Consultants stay well-informed about all aspects of our industry when engaging with Clients and partners.”

Allowing both senior and junior Team members to gain an in-depth understanding about specialist topics in a short amount of time, these sessions promote professional growth and valuable network expansion.

The OI IKNS take a comprehensive approach, encouraging collaboration across departments. Sales Consultants delve into charter topics, while Charter Consultants explore sales-related subjects. This holistic strategy ensures that the entire Ocean Independence Team gains a well-rounded understanding of the industry. As a result, they are equipped to provide comprehensive advice that leverages their expertise in both charter and sales, as well as yacht construction and the latest yachting technology.

So far this year, we’ve had the privilege of hosting five exceptional speakers. In January, Perry van Oossanen and Niels Moerke from Van Oossanen Naval Architects shared insights on yacht performance and hull innovations. February brought Captain Matt Callaway from MY ANYA, who discussed the crucial relationship between Captains and Brokers. March saw our internal Charter & Sales Seminars taking place, which replaced the OI IKNS that month. And in April, Nick Westwood, Executive Director and Villa Specialist at Red Savannah, highlighted top luxury travel hotspots for exclusive villa rentals in 2023. While most recently, Federico Rossi, the COO of Rossinavi, provided valuable insights into innovative yacht concepts, new developments, and trends in buyer behaviour.

These OI IKNS have proven to be of immense value for our Team. They enhance career growth and enable our Consultants to deliver unmatched expertise in the yachting market. By staying informed about the latest charter trends, yacht construction innovations, and industry-specific topics, our Team continues to expand their knowledge web.



Belize is a country Ocean Independence is eager to explore further as a future charter hub. Casey Noble – Ocean Independence Charter Manager – recently embarked on a familiarisation trip to the region, gaining valuable insights, into the potential of this enchanting destination.

From the awe-inspiring anchorages and captivating coral reefs, to the mystical allure of the rainforest and the echoes of ancient Mayan ruins, the trip served as a research venture, assessing the feasibility and allure of Belize as a flourishing superyacht destination.

Casey Noble in Belize

Beyond the breathtaking sights, Casey revealed in a recent discussion the intricate considerations involved in transforming a remote location into a premier superyacht destination.

“Establishing a destination as a superyacht hub is not just about creating an itinerary to accommodate the challenges of the destination; there are crucial aspects like provisioning logistics, taxes, and navigating protected waters that require careful thought and planning.”

Casey’s desire to maximise the trip’s value was evident as she sought knowledge from seasoned professionals and locals throughout the trip. The opportunity to connect with experienced charter managers allowed her to glean insights into their methods and approaches, while locals offered invaluable information only they know about the cruising grounds in Belize.

“We all picked each other’s brains and discussed all the potential challenges and attractions of charters in Belize, ensuring we can provide comprehensive and well-informed guidance to clients.”

Not only did she acquire extensive industry knowledge, but also forged connections that will undoubtedly enhance her professional journey. Her experience exemplifies Ocean Independence’s dedication to fostering growth and expertise among its Team members, ensuring we provide an unparalleled service and memorable charter experiences that surpass all expectations.




Attending the esteemed MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona, Ocean Independence Charter Assistants, Ann-Kathrin Schreinemacher and Anne-Sophie Rigaut, had the incredible opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of luxury yacht charter.

Designed exclusively for charter professionals, the MYBA Charter Show offers a unique platform for fostering relationships with industry experts. This focused environment allows attendees to truly connect and exchange valuable insights with like-minded individuals.

“The show provided us with a unique opportunity to visit stunning yachts like MARALA. Seeing, reviewing, and discovering the boats on the market first hand allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of each yacht’s unique features.”

MARALA at MYBA Charter Show

“Interacting with the exceptional crews was great. They were not only knowledgeable about every aspect of the yacht but also displayed genuine passion for their work. We had the privilege of engaging in insightful conversations with the Captains, engineers, chefs, and deckhands, who shared their expertise and personal stories.”

For our Charter Team, attending the MYBA Charter Show was a strategic move to refine their expertise and deliver the pinnacle of luxury yacht charter experiences. By immersing themselves in industry events, they stay up to date with the latest innovations, gain industry insights, and establish valuable connections.

“The show was not just about the yachts themselves; it was a platform for networking. In an industry where relationships are key, being able to personally connect and engage with experts and professionals was invaluable. It’s a different level of interaction compared to writing emails. Meeting face-to-face adds depth and authenticity to our professional relationships.”

At Ocean Independence our commitment to attending prominent industry events ensures that our Team remains at the forefront of industry trends, enabling them to deliver a personalised and unparalleled service. The MYBA Charter Show was yet another testament to our dedication to excellence and our passion for crafting extraordinary charter experiences.



Lucy Oliver, an accomplished Charter Consultant at Ocean Independence, has continuously demonstrated her commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for her Clients. Representing Ocean Independence as a leader in luxury yacht charter, Lucy recently embarked on an extraordinary familiarisation trip.

“Thanks to Ocean Independence, I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador and experience the first superyacht available for charter along the Pacific Coast. By getting firsthand experience on the yacht, I can confidently ensure that it will not only meet but exceed all expectations. It also grants me a deep understanding of what makes an Ecuador superyacht charter successful from a guest’s perspective.”

Lucy Oliver in Ecuador

Lucy’s journey to Ecuador was a chance to fully immerse herself in the world of luxury yacht charters in the region. She gained invaluable insights and local knowledge that can now be translated into crafting exceptional itineraries for her discerning Clients.

“When it comes to planning their itineraries, my Clients trust me as the expert due to my local insights into the latest and greatest destinations. This familiarisation trip was a fantastic way to expand my knowledge to include the Pacific Coast.”

With the knowledge and experience cultivated during her time in Ecuador, Lucy is now equipped with crucial expertise to curate personalised itineraries that surpass expectations and create lasting memories for Clients who choose to charter in Ecuador.



Ocean Independence’s commitment to the development of our Team extends beyond the realm of yachting expertise. We recognise the importance of staying ahead in the fast-paced world of marketing, particularly in the evolving landscape of digital marketing and SEO. With this in mind, our marketing Team recently had the opportunity to attend the prestigious Brighton SEO event, an unparalleled gathering of industry leaders and innovators.

The event encompassed a vast spectrum of specialised talks and seminars, covering everything from the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, to the intricacies of social media marketing. It was an immersive two-day experience that left our marketing professionals inspired and armed with valuable insights to enhance our marketing strategies for luxury yacht sales and charters.

Senior Digital Executive, Eleanor, shared her thoughts on the event saying, “Attending the Brighton SEO event was an eye-opening experience. The sheer depth and breadth of topics covered were astounding. From the sessions on optimising website content to leveraging cutting-edge SEO techniques, I gained a wealth of knowledge that I can directly apply to elevate our digital presence.”

Similarly, Thomas – Ocean Independence Content Writer – highlighted the career benefits of attending such an event. “Brighton SEO provided a fantastic platform for networking with industry experts and peers. Engaging in conversations with like-minded professionals allowed me to gain fresh perspectives and exchange ideas. This event has not only broadened my knowledge but also strengthened my professional network, empowering me to provide greater expertise in the production of impactful content for Ocean Independence.”

Our commitment to investing in our marketing Team’s growth and knowledge extends to events like Brighton SEO, where we embrace the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. By staying abreast of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, we ensure that our marketing strategies remain cutting-edge, enabling us to connect with our audience in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Brighton SEO

Ocean Independence’s commitment to the development of its professionals is a testament to excellence in luxury yachting. From captivating familiarisation trips in Belize and Ecuador to the Team’s presence at esteemed industry events, every endeavour reflects a relentless pursuit of expertise.

If you are seeking expert advice on charter destinations or yacht acquisitions, our knowledgeable Team is here to assist you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and let us help you navigate the world of luxury yachting.

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