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Articles Safety, Privacy and Seclusion: Why a Yacht Charter is the Ultimate Luxury Holiday

We examine the top five reasons a yacht charter is the ultimate safe and secluded luxury escape.

Given the global health situation of the past year, more and more people are looking for the safest way to enjoy a private luxury holiday, avoiding the crowds with minimal public contact. In these times of social distancing and isolation, getting away to enjoy a vacation with family and friends has taken higher priority than ever, and yachting offers the perfect opportunity to relax in total privacy. Here we examine the top five reasons a yacht charter is the one of the best ways to experience luxury travel in blissful seclusion.


Your Own Private Resort on the Water

A charter yacht offers a dedicated space to share with your loved ones, where family and friends can come together in a private environment without the intrusion of other holidaymakers. Minimal contact with other people means that time on board a yacht affords both peace of mind and a personal touch that alternative holidays do not. Forget unfortunate interruptions or the controlled expectations of a hotel, a luxury yacht is a place where time is your own to use as you please. There is no requirement to step ashore, simply admiring the landscape from the deck may fit the bill.

Luxury yacht beach club

A Wide Range of Destinations

A yacht can transport you to remote destinations and secluded anchorages, completely away from it all. Relax far from cities and crowds in destinations that are often only accessible on the water – relish the incredible views, hidden bays and deserted beaches while soaking up complete tranquillity. If you want to find somewhere even quieter or plans change, the Captain can adjust your itinerary and move the yacht to pinpoint just the right location. The beauty of yachting is the ability to enjoy a new view every day and to venture as near or far from land as the mood takes.

Service and Safety

With the same crew on board throughout your entire charter plus health protocols and testing in place, many yacht offers one of the most secure environments to enjoy five-star service. Yacht crews are consummate professionals – not only do they offer the height of personalised service, but their knowledge of local cruising grounds can make a charter experience extra special. From remembering a favourite cocktail at 6pm, to arranging a private beachside barbecue, the crew have an innate ability to make personal even more personal. A warm bond between guests and crew often develops, with an appreciation of their unobtrusive and seamless service at all times.

Superyacht crew service

Fine Dining Away from the Crowds

A highlight of a luxury travel for many is the outstanding local cuisine. While some may be more hesitant to venture ashore for fine dining, your onboard chef is dedicated to providing outstanding meals throughout the entire charter using the finest local ingredients. Every element of cuisine is specifically prepared to fit requirements your requirements, and provisioning carefully made in line with every last wish. However, with just the intimate charter group on board to cater for, it is unsurprising that the dishes served during a yacht charter are simply spectacular. It is akin to dining in your own private restaurant every night, with a menu to tantalise just the tastebuds of those who are cruising together.


A Personal WaterSports Inventory

Most yachts available for charter carry an exciting array of watersports equipment, ready to maximise the fun factor. Enjoy unlimited use of Jet Skis, paddleboards, Seabobs and kayaks – after all, the only people sharing the toys are members of the charter party. There is no need to make a booking, keep to a schedule or queue up – this personal set of toys is always available. Likewise, any spa facilities found on board are for your use only – a jacuzzi shared with family and friends is a far more comfortable experience than with strangers.

watertoys on board superyacht

Whether seeking out-of-the-way activities, isolated relaxation or simply time to reconnect in safety, all elements of yacht charter tick the boxes. No other luxury holiday offers a better level of exclusive privacy and extraordinary experiences.

To discuss how Ocean Independence can help you plan the perfect secluded yachting escape, please contact us today.

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