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Articles Specialist Pick: Where To Eat, Stay, And Play in Corsica

In the second instalment of our "Specialist Pick" series, Senior Charter Broker Rebecca Pattinson reveals why Corsica is at the top of her list this summer.

Despite a career that has taken her to far-flung corners of the globe as well as achieving personal feats such as running multiple 250 km ultra-marathons across the Sahara and Atacama deserts, when it comes to yachting, Rebecca‘s heart remains in the Mediterranean, with a particular fondness for the raw beauty of Corsica.


Corsica is a truly favourite charter destination for me. The infinite variety and ancient traditions are just the beginning. The more one scratches the surface, the more elusive and intriguing this beautiful French island becomes.

From the endless white sand beaches and rich historical context to the fragrant vineyards, towering mountains, fabulous Mediterranean food, and fantastic wildlife, in Corsica life is played out to the gentle pace of l’Île de Beauté.



I am privileged to book a wide range of yachts for my clients, and for me, every category and style of yacht is beautiful and unique in its own right. I recently booked a beautiful 32m Sanlorenzo called NOOR II for a family group with young active children.

The yacht was newly launched and aesthetically stunning, with a first-class crew to match. I love the intimacy of yachts in this size range, as well as the fact they can access some very special anchorages the larger vessels can’t (an essential for cruising in Corsica).




The Port de Girolata, 25 miles south of Calvi, is actually a series of organised mooring buoys reserved for smaller yachts. The picturesque village is only accessible by foot or by boat and is just a stone’s throw from the spectacular Scandola Nature Reserve.

A 1,900 hectare World Heritage Site spanning land and sea, while motorised toys cannot be used in this area to preserve the incredible marine life, you can hike, kayak, or paddle board along the coast to spot the seal and dolphin colonies as well as spectacular rock formations.

Girolata Bay


If there is one thing a superyacht delivers aside from luxury and privacy, it’s phenomenal views. So, after a day exploring the Scandola Nature Reserve, my ideal reprieve for a drink would be on deck watching the sun set.

Undoubtedly the Mediterranean’s wild child with a beautifully rugged coastline to match, in Corsica no beach bar can hold a candle to sipping a crisp glass of blush, with the occasional sight of dolphins in the yacht’s wake.



For a genuine taste of Corsica, Le Bon Espoir is a standout choice. This family-owned restaurant overlooking Port de Girolata masterfully blends French elegance with Italian flair, all while staying true to its Corsican roots.

The atmosphere is relaxed yet sophisticated, offering stunning views, while their menu features fresh, locally-sourced seafood, with the grilled lobster being a particular highlight. It’s a simple yet refined representation of the island’s French and Italian influences. Dining here offers an authentic immersion into the Corsican culinary scene, served in a sublime setting.



Every native Corsican I have met is (rightly) very proud of their island. There is a thriving arts and crafts tradition of primarily; jewellery, pottery, and knife-making, so if there is time to visit one of the hilltop villages and see the artisans at work, you won’t regret it.

A stop in Ajaccio, Napoleon Bonaparte’s birthplace is also a must. Visit his family home before exploring the city’s historic sites, quaint restaurants, palm fringed bay, and lively marina, it’s the perfect spot for cultural discovery and whiling away an afternoon.

And then there’s the food. A central part of Corsican tradition. To truly get your teeth into this aspect of the local culture, an organised tour sampling local wine, olive oil, honey, charcuterie, and cheeses is essential.

Ajaccio culture


You simply have to visit a vineyard. They occupy virtually the entire 1,000km circumference of Corsica, clinging to small terraces overlooking the sea, or mingling with the pine forests and beaches further south.  A driving tour is a great way to explore beyond the coastline. Be sure to return with a few bottles to try over dinner that evening.

Itinerary Calvi to Cala Di Volpe

For more inspiration, explore this 7-day charter itinerary from Calvi to Cala di Volpe. Or, if you’re feeling inspired, talk to one of our yacht charter consultants who will help craft your dream yacht charter itinerary. Get in touch with us below.

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