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Articles The Private Jet: Your Time Machine

Make the most of your valuable time and indulge in the ultimate luxury experience with a private jet rental.

Make the most of your valuable time and indulge in the ultimate luxury experience with a private jet rental. Long security lines, intensive screenings, and crowded airports have made commercial air travel increasingly complicated, causing travel time to skyrocket. No matter how far you plan to fly, a commercial flight now demands a full day of travel.

By choosing to fly private, you can say goodbye to long lines and delays, and hello to a seamless, stress-free travel experience that maximises your precious time. Take control of your schedule and arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, refreshed.


Outside the world of private jet travel, the aviation industry has evolved beyond the simple pleasures of days past. Even with premier / first-class access, lounges and security lines can be just as crowded as the rest of the airport, leaving you frustrated before your journey even begins.

With the travel industry on the rebound from the pandemic, flying commercial has become more unpredictable than ever before. Airlines are making headlines for cancelling flights in their droves, leaving travellers stranded for hours on end. And even if everything goes smoothly at the airport, you’re still required to show up two to three hours ahead of your flight, taking away precious time from your trip.



Private jet travel offers a luxurious escape from the crowded terminals of major airports. Unlike commercial flights, where you may spend more time on the ground waiting at the airport than in the air, private jet charters allow you to fly from both regional and international airports, so you don’t have to arrive hours in advance just to beat the crowds.

With the freedom to choose which airport to depart from, private jet rentals have the added convenience of selecting smaller airports closer to your destination. The perfect complement to superyacht charters, arrive and depart in style, avoiding the chaos of international airports and enjoy the luxury and convenience private air travel provides.

Spend more time on board enjoying your luxury yacht charter, without worrying about the logistics of getting there. With seamless travel and transfers, private jet travel and superyacht charters go hand in hand for a truly memorable and indulgent travel experience.

Private jets at airport

why private jets are essential for business travel

If you ever have considered owning a jet or buying a share of one, don’t just base your decision on what your calculator says.

For the discerning traveller, private jet rental is essential for business travel. While cost may be a factor, the benefits of private jet travel cannot be overstated. From avoiding the stress of traffic and security lines to arriving at smaller, more convenient airports closer to your destination, private jet travel saves you valuable time and preserves what’s truly important: your peace of mind.

With private jet travel, you can arrive at the hangar and be steps away from your jet, ready to take off and fly directly to your destination. You land at one of the thousands of airports available that are oftentimes more conveniently located than the huge international airports in the heart of major cities, saving you even more time as you walk off the jet, get in the car and go.

All of this may sound frivolous, or wasteful, but it isn’t about throwing money around. It’s about efficiency and preserving your most important asset, time.

private jet cost efficiencies

Private jets are often viewed as an indulgence, but in reality, it can be an effective way to save both time and money.

Many times, finance people approach business owners with excitement over an idea that will save great amounts of money. The idea? You guessed it – “Let’s sell the jet and save a ton of money!” However, consider the true savings in opportunity cost. Go through the numbers and consider what you save in terms of additional nights of hotels, dinners and, most of all, employees’ time, it all comes down to the same answer: The jet is a time machine.

The private jet can take you anywhere, that’s true. But you have to use it to do the great things it can do. That means staying a little later for a dinner with your client, instead of doing the commercial flight panic attack that always hits you when we become obsessed about getting back to the airport to take that commercial flight home.

You can use the jet to take a whole team instead of just one person to see a client.  You have an advantage when we can send everyone who needs to be in the room to see the client without adding additional cost. With the ability to reach multiple destinations in one day, private jet travel saves both time and money, making it a smart investment for any business.

With Ocean Independence, discover the benefits of private jet travel and experience the ultimate in luxury and efficiency.

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