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Articles Top Superyacht Watertoys to Look out for in 2024

The luxury yacht industry is flooded with exciting superyacht toys and cutting-edge gadgets to offer yacht owners and charterers an unforgettable experience at sea.

From high-speed thrills, to exploring life below the surface, a wide range of superyacht toys is sure to make cruising anywhere around the globe even more special. So, choosing from the ever-growing, and constantly evolving market of yacht accessories may be somewhat bewildering. To try and help, we have chosen our top 10 from the latest crop of superyacht toys.

1 U-Boat Worx Nemo Submersible

Innovative and just downright cool, the all-new Nemo submersible is in a league of its own when it comes to superyacht toys. Thanks to ingenious Dutch design from U-Boat Worx, not only is Nemo the lightest manned submersible ever built at 2,100kg, its low profile and small footprint mean one of the most sophisticated pieces of underwater technology takes up less storage space than two jet skis. Comfortably accommodating two passengers, reaching new depths has never been so easy. While a single lifting point and flat bottom make stowing Nemo in a yacht garage straightforward, uninterrupted subaquatic views thanks to a panoramic view port make exploring below the surface an extraordinary experience. The unique MANTA controller allows novices and experts alike to take control of the craft as steering control is seamlessly handed from pilot to passenger. Boasting impressive performance, Nemo allows passengers to dive down to 100 metres and explore depths inaccessible to scuba divers in complete safety for up to eight hours, while the 3-knot top speed means boundless adventure awaits those fascinated by Neptunian adventure.

2 Candela C-8 Hydrofoil Electric Tender

With the Candela C-8, performance meets comfort. A 100% carbon fibre hull, ground-breaking electric motor design, and electronic hydrofoil system make for one of the most appealing tender options for superyacht owners currently on the market. Entirely configurable to a specification of your choice, this stunning electric hydrofoil flies silently above the surface to provide incredibly efficient water transport. Reducing water friction by 80% as a pose to a conventional planing boat, the incredibly efficient Candela C-8 consumes the electric equivalent of 0.1L of gasoline (0.8 kWh) per NM when cruising at 20 knots. Comfort is also dramatically improved thanks to the hydrofoil design, while a beautifully responsive fly-by-wire steering system gives the C-8 the agility of a performance car. Boundless fun can be had on this stylish and truly innovative tender all while leaving no wake, producing no emissions, or disturbing any marine life. With a range of 50 NM, and a well thought out user interface, the C-8 is practical too. A truly breathtaking piece of design, the C-8 is simply the perfect tender worthy of any superyacht toy collection.

3 ICON A5 Icon Aircraft

Beautifully simple, and beginner friendly, piloting the A5 is a true pleasure. Designed to offer the most immersive flight experience possible, the A5 offers a completely unique experience. Combining a rear mounted Rotax 912iS engine and low instrument panel with a panoramic canopy and removable side windows, passengers are afforded the opportunity to see the world (and their yacht) from a new angle. This 2-seater amphibious aircraft is remarkably versatile too, able to land on tarmacked runways, sandy beaches, or the open sea, the A5 is the perfect superyacht toy for airborne adventure. The elegantly simple folding wings are unfolded in just 2 minutes and make storage effortless, while the integrated seawings make for convenient boarding from the water or a dock. Aboard the A5, becoming completely absorbed in the landscape around you is easy. With peace of mind thanks to comprehensive flight safety systems including a removable Garmin GPS system providing a 3D display, secondary instrument clusters, flight planning systems, autopilot, and an impressive 420 NM range, the A5 is the ultimate superyacht toy for adventures like no other.

ICON A5 Icon Aircraft

4 Gracie Bird Diving Board

Inspired by the elegance of the classic Riva and Chris-Craft runabouts of the 1950s that still ferry celebrities and royalty along the French Riviera to this day, the Gracie Bird Diving Board pays homage to Princess Grace with its sophisticated design and craftsmanship. Unlike traditional diving boards, which prioritise function over form, Molono has introduced a piece that stands as both a practical tool and a work of art.This exclusive diving board is crafted from a mix of carbon fiber and select woods, offering finishes in bubinga, holly, ash, and SikaFix to seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic of any luxury yacht or beach club. Engineered to combine lightweight durability with performance, Nicholas Spens, with his extensive experience in the yachting industry, has developed a board capable of supporting up to 250kg without compromising on the quality of the spring.Limited to just 100 bespoke pieces, the Gracie Bird Diving Board is as exclusive as it is beautiful, offering a rare opportunity to enhance the yachting experience and aesthetic with an accessory that is both beautiful and practical.

Gracie Bird Bespoke Luxury Carbon Fiber Diving Board by Molono

5 Funair beach club sea pool

From a fun-filled day with the whole family to a party on the water, the Beach Club Sea Pool is an exceptional addition to any superyacht toy collection. Extending a yacht beach club to offer a spacious platform where guests can relax in stylish comfort and safety, the FunAir beach club sea pool includes inflatable wave loungers for comfortable sunbathing on a platform surrounding a pool with tightly woven netting underneath ensuring swimmer safety. The integrated SeaStairs allow for easy access to the pool and ensure peace of mind that swimmers of all ages are capable of exiting the sea with no trouble. While the sea loungers are the perfect place for relaxing, adrenaline filled water sports are effortlessly accessible thanks to the sea pool’s stainless-steel hardware which allows for jet skis and tenders to be securely attached alongside the inflatable platform. Ergonomic design makes the Funair beach pool a must have for any superyacht toy collection. A delightfully versatile space, it brings a new dimension of fun to afternoons at anchor, or cocktails under the setting sun.


Beach Club Sea Pool Funair

6 Awake: Vinga 3

Ideal for surfing enthusiasts who find themselves in the calmer waters suited to superyacht life, the Vinga 3 from AWAKE is touted as the easiest-to-use high-performance e-foil. Utilising cutting-edge hydrofoil technology, riders can fly silently above the water for up to two hours thanks to their bespoke Awake Flex battery technology. Designed with both novices and seasoned riders in mind, the Vinga 3 blends stability for beginners with the agility needed for experts to push their limits. The board’s 95-liter volume and double concave bottom design facilitate smooth takeoffs and landings, while soft rails enhance its recovery capabilities, promoting a stable and controlled ride. Coupled with Awake’s innovative Click-to-Ride system, assembly takes just 30 seconds and is screw-free, maximising time on the water and simplifying maintenance. Whether you’re looking to master the basics or elevate your e-Foiling skills, the Vinga 3’s perfect blend of performance, safety, and quick assembly has already made it an indispensable luxury watertoy carried by many luxury yachts for charter around the globe.

7 Albus Golf Ecobioballs

Turn the green blue and bring a passion for golf aboard any superyacht with the Albus Golf Ecobioball. While teeing off from the aft deck of a superyacht may have been a fantasy for many golf enthusiasts, the Ecobioball makes this fantasy a guilt-free reality. The world’s first biodegradable golf ball with fish food in its core, it is the eco-friendly solution to creating your own marine driving range. Practise your swing under the setting sun, or host business meetings in a truly unique way. Manufactured using non-contaminating materials the balls are completely safe for marine life. Once hit into the water, the outer layer biodegrades in less than 48 hours, releasing fish food into the surrounding water and subsequently improving the sustainability and biodiversity of the marine environment you choose as your new fairway. Such a simple but truly innovative product, the Ecobioball is here to stay, bringing with it a new and playful land-based quality to any superyacht toy collection.

8 Narke Electrojet

Thanks to angular and futuristic styling, much like that of Tesla’s Cybertruck, the Narke Electrojet has become known as the “cyberjet”. The four-metre carbon fibre jet ski is powered by a 24kWh battery pack that produces an impressive 95 horsepower carrying its riders to an exhilarating 40 knots. Delivering instant, and impressive performance much like that of its land-based counterparts, the Electrojet is a pollution-free option for environmentally conscious riders wanting to bomb around the waves or discover hidden coves in complete silence. Three people can comfortably fit on a spacious seating area and make use of the impressive 50 km range thanks to a unique deflection technology that reduces water friction and increases stability, even at high speeds. Taking just 90 minutes to recharge, and offering a seven-inch digital display providing all the information needed, this striking jet ski is the ideal superyacht toy for those who want to have fun at sea, while protecting the waters for future generations to enjoy.

Narke Electrojet

9 Cudajet

Underwater scooters have become commonplace in superyacht toy collections. From skimming along the surface to diving to the seabed, underwater scooters are a must have. However, CudaJet has taken electric scooter design to the next level. The CudaJet Underwater Jetpack represents a significant innovation in water sports, distinguishing itself as the world’s first underwater jetpack. Designed and manufactured in England, this device allows users to explore underwater environments with unprecedented freedom and agility. With its sleek, low-profile design, the jetpack facilitates effortless maneuvers such as spins and barrel rolls, thanks to minimal drag. Unlike traditional Seabobs that require both hands to operate, the CudaJet offers effortless navigation with a simple hand controller, allowing for a more immersive underwater experience.

This jetpack, which operates without tethers and external power sources, achieves a maximum speed of 3m/s and can dive up to 40 meters deep. Its harness adjusts to fit chest sizes from 32″ to 60″, ensuring a comfortable fit for a wide range of users. With a 40-minute run time and a quick 75-minute recharge, the CudaJet invites both thrill-seekers and marine enthusiasts to discover the underwater world in a new and exciting way.

Cudajet underwater jetpack

10 Blu3 Nomad

Scuba diving kit has been a mainstay in superyacht toy collections for years. When visiting beautiful anchorages around the world on any superyacht trip, exploring the depths of crystal-clear waters was only possible with a cumbersome oxygen tank strapped to your back. However, with Blu3’s Nomad, scuba diving without the unwieldy kit is now possible. A simple to use tankless system uses battery power to supply air to a diver down to a depth of nine metres. Floating on the surface like a buoy, the Nomad pushes compressed air down a 12-metre tube. A sensor inside the smart regulator measures the diver’s breaths via a silicone diaphragm to deliver air pumps as soon as the diver inhales, meaning no waste of air, and an impressive dive time of up to 60 minutes. Added convenience comes from easily swappable batteries, meaning if an hour of exploration beneath the surface is not enough, simply resurface when the system notifies you that there is 5–10 minutes of battery life remaining, swap the battery for a fresh, fully charged one, and explore the wonders of the subaquatic until your heart’s content.

Blu3 Nomad

11 The Crystal SUP

The past few years have, understandably, seen a rapid proliferation of stand up paddleboarding (SUP). The serene and relaxing feeling standing up, gliding along the water gives you, is unique, and after the startling popularity of the transparent Kayak, customers were keen for a SUP version. Taking the paddle boarding experience to new heights, the Crystal SUP offers a completely immersive experience in which gliding across the water on a fully transparent paddle board offers a 360-degree view of your surroundings. Watch the seabed and sea life pass beneath your board as you effortlessly take in your surroundings with no need for an uncomfortable snorkelling mask, or heavy scuba equipment. The board’s innovative design allows you to see up to 25m down, and thanks to its UV protection, even after years of exposure to the sun and sea, the crystal clear transparency will remain. The Crystal SUP is also rigid which produces an extremely stable and manoeuvrable platform allowing both beginners and professionals to take in their surroundings in complete safety.

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