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Chartering a yacht offers a new level of luxury, exploration, and relaxation. But a big step of the decision-making process is selecting your yacht charter destination.

Luxury or adventure, convenience or unique experiences, action-packed or laid-back – finding the right location for you and your guests is no easy task.

From the glistening sun-soaked beaches of The Bahamas to the hundreds of unspoiled islands that make up Greece, there is a whole world to explore when on board your charter yacht. Whether you are a water sports enthusiast on the hunt for idyllic snorkelling grounds, or a curious traveller keen to embrace new cultures – the right charter destination has the power to completely transform your yachting experience.

Ready to start your next adventure? Here we look at some of the top yacht charter destinations.


When you think of The Bahamas, you likely picture turquoise waters, unspoiled beaches and idyllic snorkelling and diving sites. Made up of hundreds of islands and cays, The Bahamas offer a tropical lifestyle, with romantic scenery, gorgeous weather and stunning coastlines for the ultimate exotic excursion – the perfect yacht charter destination for those in search of a sun-soaked vacation.

bahamas charter destination


For the perfect blend of French and Italian culture, make your way to the West Mediterranean for a calming cruise around Sardinia and Corsica. These neighbouring countries are renowned for their crystalline coves, delicious cuisine and friendly coastal towns. Indulge in the glamour and luxury that Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda offers, explore the marine life surrounding the Lavezzi Islands, and relax on some of the most picturesque beaches in the south of Corsica. This yacht charter destination is perfect for gastronomes and lovers of la dolce vita.

sardinia and corsica charter destination


If tropical beaches and exotic coastlines aren’t your idea of the perfect charter, Norway offers some of the most breathtaking views in the world. With charming fishing villages, undulating hills, dramatic waterfalls and idyllic hiking trails, Norway is an adventurer’s personal paradise. Take a gentle cruise around the Norwegian fjords and take in the spectacular peaks and valleys – a view that few can match up to. This Scandinavian treasure is the perfect yacht charter destination for those seeking something a little more unique and off the beaten track.

Norway Charter Destination


Swathed in history, culture and beauty, the Greek Isles are renowned for their stunning coastal villages, iconic sunsets and cobbled streets. Head to Santorini to witness the famed blue and white buildings and streets covered in pink bougainvillaea – the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Or venture out into Mykonos for a vibrant nightlife, great surfing spots and peaceful bays. This yacht charter destination has the perfect blend of excitement, relaxation and luxury for an unforgettable getaway.

Greece Charter Destination


Just off the coast of Ecuadorthe Galapagos is the perfect charter destination for any seasoned traveller seeking natural tranquillity. A magical location made up of rugged coastlines, cactus forests and remarkable wildlife, this small archipelago is renowned for its ecosystem, with half of its species entirely indigenous and unique to the islands. Immerse yourself in the bounty of life both above and below water, with scuba diving, snorkelling and guided tours to really get the most out of the broad spectrum of wildlife on display.

Galapagod Island yacht charter


One for the born explorers, a yacht charter in Antarctica promises glacial vistas, breathtaking scenery and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Beneath clear starry skies and far from civilisation, a voyage across this icy plain is the closest experience on earth to being on another planet. Wrap up warm in the luxurious comfort of the explorer yacht, as you sail past incredible wildlife, including seals, whales, penguins and more. And if you are lucky, you will even witness the awe-inspiring Aurora Australis, as the southern lights ignite the sky in spectacular colours.

Antarctica Yacht Charter


Cruising the west coast of Thailand and the surrounding tropical islands is an experience unlike any other. With rich history, mouthwatering oriental cuisine and vivid scenery, this area is the perfect location for water sports enthusiasts and keen historians. Explore ancient temples and palaces, browse traditional Thai markets and dive below the surface to swim amongst tropical marine life. Paired with a yacht packed with water toys, a charter in Thailand will never fail to impress.

Thailand Yacht Charter Destination


The perfect escape from dreary winter weather, a superyacht charter in New Zealand promises immense beauty, peaceful highlands and rushing streams, complete with some of the world’s finest foods and wines. Considered a veritable paradise for the senses, the north and south island both offer incredibly diverse cruising grounds. From wreck diving to wine-tasting and surfing – New Zealand offers a plethora of fun-filled activities for an action-packed vacation, making it an idyllic yacht charter destination.

New Zealand Yacht Charter


Glamour, history and high-end gastronomy are part and parcel of a superyacht charter in the French Riviera. Packed with chic boutiques, world-class restaurants and secluded coves, this area is renowned as a stomping ground for the wealthy. Nicknamed the Cote d’Azur for its strikingly blue waters, it’s no wonder this location was home to famous painters like Picasso and Cezanne. The French Riviera is a must-see charter destination for anyone seeking luxury and glamour in the heart of French culture.

French Riviera Yacht Charter


Home to some of the most consistently perfect beaches in the world, the 26 ring-shaped atolls of the Maldives provide the perfect grounds for beach-lounging, sun-worshipping and sea-exploring. Equipped with the superyacht’s snorkelling and scuba diving gear, dive below the crystal clear waters and explore a whole new vibrant world beneath the surface. Discover glorious caves, dazzling coral walls and schools of brightly coloured tropical fish – or dive even deeper to encounter manta rays, turtles and reef sharks. This is the perfect charter destination for true ocean enthusiasts.

Maldives Yacht Charter


A successful superyacht charter is not complete without the perfect destination. But what makes for the ideal location will differ depending on your individual requirements. Whether seeking a romantic getaway with tropical weather or an unforgettable family holiday packed with fun and adventure for the children – the perfect yacht charter awaits.

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