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Discover the true meaning of luxury travel with a wellness retreat on a superyacht charter.

Whether you’re looking to get active on your charter, turn your entire getaway into a health retreat, or just want to indulge in a top-notch spa on one of the planet’s most luxurious superyachts, we’ve got you covered.

Imagine feeling muscles melt with a rhythmic massage after a waterside workout, or indulging in a purifying facial to the sound of the ocean, followed by a candlelit dinner. Many superyachts for charter are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to deliver the ultimate wellness retreat.

From hair treatments to hammams, steam rooms, and even cryo-saunas, ensure a luxurious journey that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul while maintaining your fitness regime.

An Ocean Independence Charter Broker will guide you to the right yachtdestination, and experience for you, but here are a few ideas.


While not all yachts feature gyms, many are now prioritising fitness facilities, even at the expense of other spaces. Huge gyms on the largest yachts, some even taking prime real estate on the sundeck for the best views, are increasingly common. Whilst small motor and even some sailing yachts are ingeniously incorporating compact yet functional workout areas.

Gym on a yacht

These gyms are equipped with a diverse range of high-quality equipment. From cardio machines to weights and flexibility-focused gear like yoga mats and Pilates reformers, these facilities ensure guests can maintain their fitness routines while at sea. The experience is further enriched on many yachts with adjacent spa amenities, offering a holistic approach to wellness.

However, the availability and extent of gym facilities can vary significantly between yachts for charter. For those unsure about which yacht best fits their fitness and luxury needs, consulting with an experienced Charter Broker is invaluable. These professionals can provide tailored advice, ensuring your yachting vacation perfectly aligns with both your wellness and leisure preferences.


Gone are the days when a simple treadmill and Jacuzzi sufficed. Onboard spas, once a rarity, are now a staple in the superyacht industry. These facilities range from the traditional—think hammams, Finnish saunas, massage rooms, and beauty salons—to the avant-garde, with Himalayan salt rooms, hydrotherapy pools, and snowflake showers. The emphasis is on holistic wellness, offering guests a chance to escape the rigours of daily life.

Massage spa on yacht

This evolution doesn’t stop at facilities. Superyacht crews now often include specialists in wellness, from trained masseurs and yoga instructors to nutritionists and personal trainers. This shift ensures that every aspect of your health and fitness needs are expertly addressed.

For those seeking a blend of onshore and offshore experiences, the world’s most renowned spa destinations are within reach. From the serene escapes of the British Virgin Islands to the most exclusive spa hotels on the French Riviera these decadent havens of relaxation beautifully complement the onboard wellness experience.


On a superyacht charter, the culinary experience is often one of the highlights. World-class food crafted by yacht chefs who are often alumni of Michelin-starred kitchens brings an impeccable dining experience to the high seas. Their off-seasons are spent globe-trotting, mastering everything from the delicate art of Japanese sushi to the intricate balances of vegan and keto cuisines. This diverse skill set allows them to cater to the most specific of dietary needs.

The shift in guest preferences towards more health-conscious diets has not gone unnoticed. Superyacht chefs adeptly balance indulgence with nutrition, ensuring that the opulence associated with dining on a superyacht doesn’t compromise the wellness journey of their guests.

Food on yacht

Whether it’s a gluten-free pasta, a dairy-free dessert, or an entirely vegan menu, these chefs are equipped to turn dietary restrictions into a luxurious culinary adventure, and even provide cooking lessons for those who are interested.

The result is a dining experience that not only tantalises the taste buds but also aligns with the guests’ lifestyle choices, proving that on a yacht charter, luxury and health are not mutually exclusive.


Watertoys have evolved into an essential feature for charter guests, ensuring that virtually every yacht comes equipped with the necessary gear for an enjoyable time on the water. These aquatic accessories not only promise fun but also offer a unique way to stay fit. Daily swims, whether a leisurely snorkel or an ambitious dive, offer a full-body workout, enhancing both muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

Paddle boarding in front of yacht

For a more targeted approach, stand-up paddleboards are at your disposal. These not only challenge your upper body but also engage your core as you maintain balance, turning the ocean into a dynamic gym. Alternatively, kayaks offer a serene yet effective workout, allowing guests to explore nearby coves and coastlines while simultaneously working their upper body and core.

With the crew providing vigilant safety support and timely hydration, maintaining fitness on a superyacht becomes a seamlessly integrated and enjoyable aspect of the luxury charter experience (just don’t forget the SPF).




Cruising worldwide the majestic 99-metre CHRISTINA O is one of the most iconic yachts afloat. A beautifully restored classic originally built in 1943, she features two massage rooms, a beauty room and fully equipped gym, as well as two full time professional spa therapists for the ultimate wellness retreat in an art deco paradise.


With a fully equipped wellness centre on the bridge deck, 86-metre MAN OF STEEL is undeniably a favourite for wellness charters. Complete with a gym, sauna, massage and steam room, along with a plethora of watertoys, this stunning megayacht is sure to impress.



World cruiser SHERAKHAN is a 70-metre classic yacht. She excels in wellness-focused charters benefitting from a 2022-upgraded gym, a spa area with sauna and Jacuzzi, and a dedicated massage room. She includes a vast dining atrium for healthy gourmet meals prepared by a chef with over 30 years’ experience. Additional amenities, like an onboard yoga instructor only enhance the wellness experience.

sherakhan superyacht


The 65-metre TRIUMPH, a Benetti superyacht, offers a wellness-centric experience for up to 12 guests in 6 luxurious staterooms. Its upper deck features a comprehensive wellness centre with a sauna, fully equipped gym, and a massage room, serviced by an onboard beauty and massage therapist. Each en suite is enhanced with Jet Toto Toilets for added luxury. For adventure seekers, TRIUMPH boasts an array of watertoys, including two Series 2 Flyboards. The 70-square-metre beach club, with plush sofas and a cocktail bar, opens onto a sea-access platform, creating an exquisite indoor-outdoor ambiance.

Triumph Superyacht


ARIENCE is perfect for guests prioritising wellness and relaxation. The beach club, with its folding sea terrace and bar, extends to the water’s edge, revealing an open-air gym perfect for water-side workouts and aerobics. For relaxation, there are two large Jacuzzis with panoramic views and a cosy home cinema, making ARIENCE perfect for a rejuvenating sea experience.

arience superyacht


Ready to blend fitness and wellness seamlessly into your luxurious charter experience? Speak with our Charter Consultants, who are luxury yachting experts, dedicated to personalising every aspect of your experience. Enquire below to book your next yachting adventure.

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