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Articles Why Charter? The Best Reasons to Set Sail on a Luxury Yachting Getaway

While many of the perks are obvious, why should you choose a yacht charter over other forms of luxury travel? 

A week on board a yacht has long been viewed as one of the ultimate luxury holidays, alongside seven-star hotels and ultra-luxury villas. While many of the perks are obvious, why should you choose a superyacht charter over these other forms of luxury travel?


1 Privacy, security and freedom

Charter a superyacht and the vessel itself is just the beginning. What sets this form of travel apart is not merely the amenities on board, but the personal experiences and freedom it offers. On a yacht, relax with total privacy and security as the norm, whether it’s a peaceful breakfast with the cliffs of Amalfi as your backdrop, or enjoying a sunset dinner off the coast of Capri, away from prying eyes. This isolation is part of the charm, allowing you to engage deeply with your surroundings and companions without the distractions of crowded tourist spots or the constraints of a fixed itinerary.

The freedom associated with yachting extends beyond mere geographical flexibility. It’s about escaping the confines of conventional travel—there’s no waiting in traffic, no jostling with crowds, and no need to stick to beaten paths. Instead, guests enjoy the liberty to explore hidden gems, from private islands to remote coves, all accessible at the whim of your desire. This ability to spontaneously choose one’s course—or change it at a moment’s notice—embodies a sense of freedom that is as much about the journey as it is about the destination, offering a profound sense of liberation that can only be found at sea.


2 Explore multiple destinations

Simply put, a yacht charter offers the opportunity to enjoy unsurpassed tailored indulgence whilst enjoying privacy unlike any other type of holiday. Where else can you combine breath-taking surroundings, extraordinary seclusion and unashamed luxury with the ability to travel and explore at leisure? Rather than the same view from a hotel or villa every morning, imagine waking up to a spectacular new scene every day, with the added opportunity to explore further afield on a whim.

Spend a week-long charter cruising the French Riviera while taking in the beach clubs, top restaurants and nightlife hotspots or island-hopping in the Bahamas to discover colourful diving, secluded beach barbeques and local markets. Time on board a luxury yacht delivers a unique sense of freedom on the water, perfectly complemented by outstanding facilities and exclusive service – all just for you.


3 Easy Planning

Whether this is your first or twenty-first yacht charter, a charter broker’s knowledge and attention to detail will help to create a truly exceptional holiday, from inception until your return home. From family holidays to corporate events, your dedicated broker will assist in expertly planning the entire experience, including a bespoke itinerary, where the needs and preferences of all charter guests will be catered for.

Family on board yacht


4 The Crew

With an unmatched staff-to-guest ratio even Dubai’s seven-star hotels cannot deliver the same level of personalised service experienced on a superyacht charter. Thanks to an expert crew on hand there are no tasks or concerns for guests to manage; only blissful relaxation and pure enjoyment await.

Made up of trained professionals with experience in their fields, the Captain and crew are on hand night and day to provide exemplary service with discretion, while being mindful of safety on board at all times. Orchestrating every detail, from throwing themed cocktail parties to arranging watersports adventures, the crew are hospitality experts and will be fully briefed on your preferences so that, no matter what time you want to sleep, eat or play, they can pre-empt your needs. Down to the finest touches from specific flower arrangements, to your favourite bottle of vintage, your dedicated charter broker will brief the crew on every last detail.

Crew shot

Your personal guide is indeed your Captain, who will know where to find the best beaches, quietest anchorages and the most celebrated nightlife as required. A dedicated chef will create exquisite menus according to your tastes and dietary requirements, and the galley will be stocked with everything you have requested. Want to have a barbeque on board? Only drink wine from Italy? Want a daily weather and location update? Just let your crew know.


5 A Personalised Itinerary

The core of a yacht charter is the bespoke itinerary. Before departure, your charter broker will work with you to ensure you fill your days with activities of your choosing, from snorkelling and kayaking to dining at exclusive venues. This behind-the-scenes work done by your broker is a significant part of the appeal for yacht charters. They handle reservations, plan activities, and ensure everything is set for your arrival.

Yet, the real luxury is in the flexibility a yacht can offer; any activity can be extended or changed with a simple request to your Captain. Go where you want, when you want, and with who you want. With the entire yacht at your disposal, you can invite friends and other guests to join your charter for the time you wish. A tailored itinerary will consider the whole group’s needs and preferences for maximum enjoyment in the chosen cruising area. Of course, if plans change and you want to adapt your itinerary mid-trip, your Captain will work to alter the plan.


6 World-Class Amenities

Facilities available vary from yacht to yacht, but inside and on deck you can expect high grade AV, WIFI and top of the range entertainment systems. Jacuzzis, pools, spas and cinemas are just some of the amenities that can be found on board a superyacht. To make the most of the facilities on board, some crew members are even trained in specialist skills such as personal training or massage therapy.

Visiting far flung shores and want to engage the services of a marine biologist on board for a few days to further enhance your experience? Discuss in advance with your broker and Captain to fulfil expectations and benefit from a host of different resources. Accommodation is comparable to any luxury hotel or villa, usually consisting of a master suite and several more VIP, double or twin staterooms. Additionally, if you have an extra member of your party, for instance a nanny, who will join, your Ocean Independence charter broker will seek out a selection of yachts with extra space to accommodate them.

Yacht Jacuzzi Cinema room on a superyacht

7 The Toy Box

Those seeking high-octane fun need look no further than the array of watertoys available in the yachts’ garage. Providing incomparable access to the water, a superyacht charter offers unrivalled opportunities to enjoy a variety of thrilling equipment – from Jet Skis to paddleboards, inflatable slides to e-foils. Some of the largest yachts even offer personal submarines and helipads. While you enjoy breakfast on the aft deck, watch the crew prepare the toys for an afternoon of fun. The Captain and crew will have found you the best spot to get the most out of the toys and be able to provide instruction where necessary.

Watertoys on board Far Far Away


8 The Menu

A superyacht charter isn’t just about the destinations you’ll visit or the luxury accommodation you’ll enjoy; it can be an immersive culinary journey tailored precisely to your palate. At the heart of this bespoke travel experience is your private chef, a pivotal crew member whose skills can elevate your voyage from memorable to unforgettable. Whether you’re aboard a mega yacht with a dedicated culinary team or a more intimate yacht where a single chef is the star of the show, the dining experience is designed around you.

Ready to fulfil any request, from accommodating dietary restrictions to embracing local flavours, the menu is a reflection of both your tastes and the cultural significance of your journey.

If you want to experience the authentic flavours and traditions of the Mediterranean for example, this can be arranged. With an accomplished chef on board who knows the culinary traditions of each area you visit, you are able to join them to the local markets and pick out the produce, then watch him prepare the ingredients, cook and present dishes. Weather its in Corsica and Civet de Sanglier, wild boar stew, and the best Bouillabaisse you’ve ever tasted, or the freshest Lobster Fra Diavolo you’ve ever had, the quality of onboard dining is second to none and key to the overall enjoyment of your vacation.

Food Cannes Yacht Show

Luxury Travel at its best

For a luxury holiday like no other, a yacht charter offers unlimited potential without the limitations of villas, cruises or hotels. Select the ideal yacht and destination together with help from your knowledgeable broker to factor in required facilities and activities, then step on board where service, enjoyment and the sheer experience will be second to none. Welcome to the world of luxury yacht charter.

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