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Articles Yacht Charter Experiences: 5 Of The Best Coastal Wine Tours To Hit This Summer

Discover the Mediterranean's finest wines and coastal vineyards while on a luxury yacht charter this summer.

Both connoisseurs and the merely curious will find these wine tasting experiences go well beyond the standard tour. All easily accessible from the coast, they are the perfect way to embrace the Mediterranean way of life, combining luxury yachting with unforgettable shoreside excursions.

1 Château D’Esclans, Provence A wine tour with the creator of Whispering Angel at his private chateau

Immerse yourself in the elegance of Saint Tropez before a seamless departure from the town’s heliport, a convenient escape from the summer traffic. Your helicopter ride will take you into the heart of Provence, where the renowned Chateau d’Esclans awaits, just 30 miles north of Saint Tropez.

Upon landing, you’ll meet Sacha Lichine on his estate, a pioneer of the Rosé renaissance. As the son of esteemed wine critic Alexis Lichine, with ties to Chateau Prieuré-Lichine in Bordeaux and historical connections to Eisenhower during WWII, Sacha took over Chateau d’Esclans in 2006. Recognising Rosé’s potential for wider appreciation and celebration, his visionary approach has spearheaded the development of illustrious brands like Whispering Angel, Rock Angel, Chateau d’Esclans, Les Clans, Garrus, and The Palm by Whispering Angel, elevating the Rosé experience globally.

The estate’s private tour offers an intimate look at the wine making process, from selecting the finest grapes to the nuanced ageing method. Wander the grounds and learn about the ancient Grenache vines, known for yielding grapes with a richer flavour profile compared to those from younger vines, before a comprehensive tasting session where guests try the range from one of the most iconic Provencal wineries. After the tour, you will have the opportunity to dine in Monsieur Lichine’s home, enjoy a farm-to-table meal, prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from nearby farms before flying back to Saint Tropez with a few bottles to enjoy on board.

2 Lipanović, Vis An expertly guided taste of vintage Vis

The most outlying island in Dalmatia, Vis is a cornerstone of Croatian wine history, home to the region’s oldest vineyards established by the ancient Greeks as early as 300 BC. Untouched by mass tourism, its seclusion has preserved its winemaking legacy, offering a truly authentic experience whilst on a Croatian yacht charter.

The Lipanović Winery, deeply rooted in Vis’s storied past, continues this tradition. The family has been making wine for generations, with a cellar uniquely set in a WWII military tunnel, offering perfect conditions for storing, ageing, and tasting wine.

Visitors can expect an intimate tasting experience either in the wine cellar or on the vineyard, featuring six archival Plavac wines paired with a selection of six Croatian cheeses and local delicacies such as fish pâté, salted and marinated anchovies, olives, caper buds, bread, and Lipanović olive oil.

The tasting captures the soul of Vis, culminating with a red dessert wine, Prošek, and homemade liqueurs that capture the sun-kissed flavours of the island. This experience, rich in flavour and history, is a refined addition to a luxury yachting journey along Croatia’s coast, offering insight into the timeless craft of Dalmatian winemaking.

Lipanović, Vis

3 Barone Di Villagrande, Sicily A taste of Sicily on the slopes of Mount Etna

Affectionately known as the Etna Wine Path, a trek through the foothills of Mount Etna offers a chance to immerse oneself in the essence of Sicilian wine culture. Begin with an awe-inspiring hike through ancient lava flows that have sculpted the mountainous terrain, and equipped with helmets and flashlights, visitors are guided through a cave, unravelling the geological marvels that have influenced the region’s viticulture.

Now acquainted with the history of Mount Etna and the effect it has had on the surrounding landscape, it’s time to taste the local wine from one of the many vineyards. We suggest one of the region’s most esteemed yet intimate wineries, Barone di Villagrande.

Since the early 18th century, the Nicolosi family has been cultivating wines on their 18-hectare estate nestled on Etna’s verdant slopes. Their majestic manor offers panoramic views of Taormina and the coastline, with vineyards that boast century-old vines of local grape varieties such as Carricante, Nerello Mascalese, and Cappuccio.

Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the estate’s rich heritage through tastings of Etna’s distinctive wines, perfectly paired with seasonal local delicacies. Amidst the lush vineyard, guests can marvel at the stunning contrast between the rugged landscapes and the refined elegance of Etna’s wines. Celebrated for their acidic yet complex profiles, they embody the unique spirit of Sicily, thanks to the passionate craftsmanship of Barone di Villagrande’s winemakers, who have earned global recognition for their exquisite creations.

4 Santo Wines, Santorini A Greek Island Ripe with tradition

Famed for its wines grown from rugged volcanic terrain that yields naturally sweet Vinsanto wines, and powerful, mineral-rich whites crafted from the Assyrtiko grape, if you’re on a Cyclades yacht charter, wine tasting in Santorini is a must.

Founded in the picturesque village of Pyrgos in 1992, Santo Wines enchants visitors with its distinctive clifftop terraced design and breathtaking panoramas of the Aegean Sea. To enrich your experience, we suggest a guided winery tour led by an expert sommelier to discover the intricacies of Santorini’s viticulture, including the traditional basket vine training and pruning method, unique to Santorini.

After the tour watch the sunset over the caldera and sample a variety of local wine styles. Santo Wines is part of a cooperative, representing all of Santorini’s wine producers, so an eclectic mix of older and rarer vintages, sparkling wines, and dessert wines are all available. You can even select a “wine flight” and let an expert guide you through a sample range of local wines.

To cap off the day, indulge in a memorable dinner at the restaurant. Wines are expertly matched with the finest local ingredients creating a meal characterised by exquisite flavours, fragrances, and textures, combined with the stunning views of the Aegean Sea from the terraces.

5 Il Borro, Tuscany Arrive by Helicopter to a Private Wine Tour in Tuscany

Contrary to popular belief, the illustrious vineyards of Tuscany are within reach for those on a Italy yacht charter. From Viareggio, a helicopter journey transports you directly into Italy’s viticultural heart for an unparalleled wine tasting adventure. Ascend from the comforts of your luxury yacht to soar above Tuscany’s iconic scenery, including Lucca, Pisa, and Florence, en route to the Ferragamo-owned Il Borro, a historic mediaeval village and winery nestled in Arezzo’s enchanting landscapes.

Upon arrival, a Ferragamo family member will personally welcome you, guiding you through Il Borro’s vast 700-hectare Tuscan estate, nestled amidst Florence, Siena, and Cortona’s breathtaking landscapes. Discover the blend of tradition and innovation as you explore both ancient and modern wine cellars, uncovering the reasons behind the estate’s significance and the Ferragamo’s decision to rejuvenate the vineyards in 1996. Experience the estate’s famed wines, stunning scenery, and luxurious grounds, culminating in an exclusive dinner and concert within a wine cave, offering a unique opportunity to understand why Il Borro stands as a pinnacle of global winemaking excellence.

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