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Articles Yacht Technology Trends for 2024

With the latest yacht technology transforming how Owners interact with their yacht, we have taken a look at some of the most interesting yacht technology trends to look out for in 2024.

1 Streaming on board

As our lives become increasingly integrated with online activity, our expectations for instant access to the latest blockbuster movies and binge worthy series, connection to the internet for access to those important virtual business meetings or watching live sports events while on board have all been heightened in recent years.

While such services are available at our fingertips on land – at sea they have traditionally struggled with unreliable internet connection, and eye watering prices. But, with satellite technology now more advanced than ever, certain companies are offering reliable worldwide connectivity, so all your safety, comfort, and entertainment needs are met while on board.

Excelerate Marine

Ocean Independence’s strategic partnership with Excelerate Marine is a significant step towards enhancing connectivity solutions for our Clients. This collaboration aims to provide seamless and advanced communications services, tailored to the unique requirements of each yacht, whether it’s a new build, refit, or upgrade.

Excelerate Marine stands out in the yacht technology sector with its innovative Yacht Connectivity Manager platform and cost-effective 4/5G mobile solutions. This platform is designed for ease of use, offering intuitive ‘at a glance’ functionality, making it an ideal tool for Captains and Owners to manage their yacht’s connectivity efficiently. The inclusion of their competitively priced, uncapped 4G mobile SIM with comprehensive Mediterranean roaming is a notable advancement, eliminating the hassle of regional SIM swapping and ensuring robust coverage.

The company’s dedication to delivering high-quality, affordable satellite broadband services is evident. Excelerate Marine offers these services at approximately a third of the cost compared to other providers, disrupting the marine tech market with their competitive pricing. Their 17-year track record in providing mission-critical connectivity solutions, particularly for emergency services, underscores their expertise and reliability in the field.

The future of marine technology, as seen through the lens of this partnership, is geared towards smarter, more autonomous yachting. The integration of AI and other advanced technologies promises to further enhance safety, connectivity, and cost-efficiency, heralding a new era of intelligent and efficient yachting solutions.


Sarlink Maritime

The yachting experience has been further enhanced by Starlink Maritime, another groundbreaking venture from Elon Musk. Initially providing coverage primarily in the northern hemisphere, 2023 marked a significant expansion for Starlink. This expansion now enables yachts around the globe to access high-quality internet connections, leveraging the extensive reach of the Starlink satellite network.

With Starlink Maritime, streaming becomes a boundless experience. Imagine following the Monaco Grand Prix live from Port d’Hercule as the cars race off out of sight, or enjoying a family movie night amidst the serene beauty of the Norwegian Fjords, or even staying on top of business matters from the comfort of your private superyacht. This service empowers yacht Owners to enjoy high-speed internet connectivity even in the most remote cruising locations.

This innovation is more than just a convenience; it’s a transformation of the maritime lifestyle. Starlink Maritime is at the forefront of revolutionising the on-board experience, bringing entertainment and connectivity to unprecedented levels at sea. 2024 is poised to see this trend continue, as maritime streaming services redefine what it means to stay connected while embracing the luxury and freedom of yachting.

SOARING interior

2 Stabilisers

Considered by many in the marine world as an essential piece of yacht technology, today active stabilisation has transformed the luxury yachting experience. With even the largest yachts affected by ocean swell, high-tech marine technology developed by innovative companies such as Quantum and Dynamic Marine Systems (DMS) have radically improved on board comfort, so you and your guests get the maximum enjoyment out of your yacht and the experience of life at sea. As stabiliser technology continues to develop, it remains one of the most important technological advancements in terms of onboard comfort, reducing pitching and rolling by as much as 80%.

Stabiliser Systems

Gyroscopic Stabilizers: These systems use gyroscopes to counteract the motion of the yacht, offering stability both at anchor and while cruising. Their effectiveness in reducing roll motion significantly enhances onboard comfort.

Fin Stabilizers: Acting like underwater wings, fin stabilisers counteract rolling motion caused by waves. The latest models are designed to be retractable, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency when not in use.

Interceptor Technology: A newer development in stabiliser systems, interceptors work by adjusting their position to alter the flow of water under the hull, providing immediate stabilisation.

While improving onboard comfort to make the yachting experience yet more luxurious, stabilisers make your yacht capable of dealing with larger swells. As a result, fuel consumption is reduced and the time you spend at the spectacular anchorages you choose to visit is increased by taking the most direct routes.

Essential for most charter yachts, stabilisers are greatly valued in the charter market making life at sea all the more elegant for you and your guests. Not to mention the safety advantage with unexpected roll eliminated, the risk of trips and falls while on board is greatly reduced.

Of course, this innovative yacht technology comes at a cost. But, with a variety of stabilisers now available on the market for a wide range of yacht types and sizes, almost all modern superyachts on the water today boast the latest stabiliser technology.

Dynamic Positioning

One of the more recent developments in the arena of advanced yacht technology is Dynamic Positioning (DP). Offering a revolutionary means of maintaining a yacht’s position with computer-controlled precision, this system, leveraging stabilisers, propellers, and thrusters, is invaluable in scenarios where anchoring is impractical, such as near delicate coral reefs or in congested marinas.

As a result, DP not only significantly bolsters onboard safety, especially under challenging weather conditions, but also aligns seamlessly with sustainable yachting practices, actively minimising any disruption to the seabed. This forward-thinking technology is swiftly becoming a hallmark of modern yacht design, as exemplified by MILELE, an innovative 45-metre Hakvoort yacht, whose development saw significant contributions from the yacht management Team at Ocean Independence.

3 Invisible technology

As a symbol of success and the ultimate in luxury, it is rare you’ll ever encounter a superyacht with a poorly thought out or unattractive interior. Normally the defining factor of each superyacht is a unique interior that has been tailored to fit the Owner’s personal preferences and needs. Generally finished with the finest furniture, fabrics, and surfaces, yacht interiors are designed over countless hours to curate the most luxurious and stylish spaces one can imagine.

But when it comes to practicality and making a home from home, interior designers are challenged to reduce the visual impact necessities such as televisions, remote controls, and gadgets on these carefully crafted designs.

Dutch company Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH), may hold the answer to this for Owners and designers alike. Launched at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show, their all-new Invisible Technology for superyachts was developed alongside shipyards and interior yacht designers and offers a clean and intuitive solution to this issue for yacht Owners.

The new product, now able to be installed on any yacht, includes a Magic–UI control panel and blended screen that – when not in use – are invisible and seamlessly integrated into the walls / surfaces of a yacht.

Affording yacht designers more freedom without the hindrance of screens affecting their elegant and refined designs, VBH’s Invisible Technology will surely set the precedent for cleaner, more aesthetic interior yacht design on both new builds and refit projects throughout 2023.


4 Artificial Intelligence in Yachting

Advanced Design

The yachting industry is embracing a new era of autonomy and intelligence, significantly influenced by the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in yacht design and functionality. Showcased in a small yet innovative way by the BOLIDE 80, the world’s fastest superyacht, which boasts a groundbreaking AI-designed main strengthening spar. Constructed entirely of carbon fibre, this spar exemplifies the perfect amalgamation of lightness and strength, a feat achieved through AI’s advanced computational capabilities. This design not only contributes to the Bolide 80’s record-breaking speed but also represents a significant leap in marine engineering.

Predictive Maintenance and Operational Efficiency

AI’s role in yachting is set to extend beyond structural innovation. through predictive maintenance, an approach that leverages Machine Learning (ML) to monitor operational data of yacht components. This technology allows for condition-based maintenance, where sensors and flow metres in systems, like the air-conditioning seawater system, detect anomalies in flow. Instead of routine, time-based maintenance, engineers are alerted to specific needs, such as cleaning a sea strainer only when necessary. This shift from a fixed maintenance schedule to a condition-based one enhances efficiency, significantly reduces operating costs, and minimises downtime due to unforeseen breakdowns.

As AI continues to evolve, it promises to bring more sophisticated, efficient, and personalised experiences to the world of yachting. The success of AI in the design of one small component of the BOLIDE 80 is just the beginning of this exciting journey, setting new benchmarks for the entire industry. The future of yachting is gearing towards an era where technology and luxury combine to offer the next level of yachting luxury.

In the ever-evolving world of yacht technology, knowing what high-tech upgrades to include in your next refit or new build can be a daunting thought. At Ocean Independence we have an outstanding global network of expert brokers and yacht managers who you can advise on the latest yacht technology, and what tech is best suited to meet your exacting requirements. If you require more information, please don't hesitate to contact your Ocean Independence broker or enquire below.

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