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Charter a Private Jet with Ocean Independence

Chartering a plane is about more than just luxury, convenience and status. Time is the one asset you can never recover so when thinking about travel, whether that’s on business, personal travel, or even better, to and from your yacht charter, it’s important to make sure you don’t waste a second.

With no time lost at busy terminals, a private chauffeur to and from your jet, in-flight catering, and the most flexible and individual flight itineraries, chartering a private jet offers a level of efficiency and luxury commercial aviation simply can’t. Our fleet and connections ensure a smooth and efficient process from start to finish, leaving you to enjoy the journey. 

No matter your request, our Team will be able to secure the best prices available on the market and guide you through the process of getting to and from your destination in the most efficient way possible. For more information on how to book a private jet, please click here for an extensive guide.

Our private aviation specialists will be able to secure any type of airborne vehicle for you. As a brief guide, below are the six main categories of private planes we can help you with in addition to helicopters, seaplanes, and more. 

Very light private jet

Very Light Jets

Capacity: 4-5
Range: 1,300nm - 1,500nm

A relatively new and exciting addition to aviation, Very Light Jets (VLJs) primarily offer an alternative to piston and turboprop aircraft. Cheaper to run and maintain than their light jet counterparts, VLJs offer a faster and more luxurious alternative to turboprop aircraft while providing access to short runways inaccessible for larger jets.

Light private jet

Light Jets

Capacity: 6-7
Range: 2,000nm - 2,200nm

Light jets and the super-light class offer a slight increase in passenger capacity and range so if you require flights further than short hops from city to city a light jet charter is an ideal option. While generally not able to crew a flight attendant, Light Jets typically have superior amenities and performance to VLJs, such as an onboard lavatory and impressive cruise speeds of up to 500mph for reduced journey times in total comfort.

Mid-sized Private Jet

Mid-sized Jets

Capacity: 7-9
Range: 2,000nm - 4,300nm

If a light aircraft can’t take you far enough or isn't big enough to fit you and all your guests, or if you are simply looking for a more luxurious but still well-rounded mix of comfort and value, then a mid-size charter may be for you. A very popular class of jet, they often provide impressive luggage capacity and range along with lavatories and stand up cabins for a truly luxurious flight.

Super Mid-Sized Jet

Super Mid-sized Jets

Capacity: 13-16
Range: 3,400nm - 6,650nm

Super Mid-sized Jets boast superior range and size than Mid-sized Jets while including additional features such as WiFi, and improved avionics for a quieter and more comfortable flight overall. Cruising speed is also a big advantage - with some jets in this class cruising just short of the sound barrier, flight times are significantly shorter rendering them ideal for busy business executives needing to get somewhere in a hurry.

Long Range Jet

Long-Range Jets

Capacity: 13 - 19
Range: 6,500nm - 7,500nm

When you need to fly intercontinental distances in total comfort, long-range jets are the best option. Able to seat up to 19 passengers and with a range of over 10,000 km, or about 12 hours of flight time, they offer outstanding luxury and comfort with a global range.



Capacity: 15 - 19
Range: 5,500nm+

Heavy Jets are incredibly luxurious with full stand up cabins and abundant space for passengers and luggage, they offer premium entertainment facilities and luxurious amenities along with the ability to crew a flight attendant or two for an intercontinental flight in unmatched luxury.

If you would like to learn more about chartering a private plane with Ocean Independence, please fill out the form below and one of our specialists will be in contact.

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