Whether you are on a business trip, travelling to your yacht or collecting guests and family, a private jet serves many purposes. Essentially, it will save you time and aggravation, allowing you independence in your schedule and offering efficiency and privacy.

The bespoke service we are reputed for in yachting, we now offer in the air. Tell us what you require, from a turbo prop to a VIP configured airliner, and we will ensure the best experience, from home to your final destination.

At Ocean Independence Private Aviation we work with established partners around the globe to ensure tailored service and the highest standards of care, in the air and on the ground.


A helicopter is your preferred choice if you wish to avoid the inconvenience of being stuck in traffic. This efficient mode of transport brings you from the airport direct to your destination, without the need for runways. Reach your ski resort, yacht or country home in style.

turbo props

The biggest advantage of a turbo prop is its performance. This aircraft will deliver you to places where a jet simply cannot land – whether it is due to the weather, the short runways or the surface of the landing strip.

Very light jets

Quick, flexible and fast, a jet is the best way to honour the entry-level category. The cabins offer space for up to four people and are the perfect solution for travelling with light luggage to business meetings or on day trips. Their range and performance allows you to fly into smaller, regional airfields

Light jets

With more loading capacity, this category allows you to carry more luggage and equipment. A Learjet or a Citation XLS will climb quickly, soar fast and deliver you in style to your destination

Medium Jets

The perfect aircraft category for the frequent flier: the cabin offers comfortable standing room and the range allows cross-Atlantic flights of 6-7 hours. Up to 9 passengers can be seated comfortably.

A cabin hostess and hot catering are considered standard. The performance allows approach into almost all regional airports.

Heavy jets

Whether you travel with your executive committee, your family or the members of your board, the heavy jet category offers excellent cabin space and style for larger groups. If time is at a premium, hold meetings on board or simply relax and prepare for the important events on the ground at your destination.

Ultra-Long Range Jets

Reach every corner of the world without breaking the journey, this category offers a multi-section cabin, lounge and dining area. In some models you may find a shower, ideal to freshen up before you land. The crew rest area provides a sleeping place for a third captain, which allows flexibility in the schedule.

It is the perfect aircraft for long haul trips from London to LA or Beijing to Sydney.


VIP Airliners are commercial aircrafts, which have been converted into airborne luxury homes. They offer several cabin sections which usually include a salon area, dining section, bed room with king or queen size bed and enough space to bring your full entourage and all their luggage with you.


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