Crew Etiquette & Butler Training

An exclusive service by Ocean Mangement

Yachting is an exclusive luxury experience, where the highest standards of service are anticipated. In order to exceed expectations, yacht crew require highly dedicated professional training in all areas.

Because training staff within their real working environment is proven to be far more effective that traditional classroom training, Ocean Management have combined hands-on training with the world-class expertise of Hanspeter Vochezer to ensure that your crew can offer you the best possible yachting experience. Founder of Swiss Butlers and Knigge Coaching and President of the Swiss Butler Association, Hanspeter has extensive experience in the luxury hospitality industry and offers a truly exceptional training experience.

Carried out on board your yacht, the concentrated, bespoke training programme is delivered by Hanspeter Vorchezer himself. He will carefully teach crew members how to provide the ultimate private service, developing these skills within their actual working environment and taking into consideration all the unique nuances of your yacht.


The programme will include training in the following areas:

Intercultural Excellence 

Etiquette and Protocol

Food and Beverage

General Housekeeping

Onboard Essentials

Butler Tips and Tricks

You can find more detailed information on the programme here.

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Designed to educate your crew in the very highest of service standards, and to consistently exceed the expectations of your guests, the Ocean Independence crew etiquette and butler training programme is a smart choice for captains and owners alike.

To discuss crew etiquette training for your yacht, please contact Daniel Kupfer on +41 4 33 99 22 77 or email



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