A yacht is a significant investment: whatever the size, yachts are valuable assets and require careful management: from rigorous financial management to employing a trusted crew and running a well-orchestrated diary. Ocean Management services ensure that your yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards, leaving you free to enjoy your time on board with family and friends. Yacht owners and captains face an ever-increasing sea of rules, regulations and tax changes, which detract from the sole purpose of yachting: pleasure. Ocean Management is here to provide seamless and exceptional shore-side support to ensure all aspects are dealt with efficiently. Our team of technical supervisors and yacht managers have a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience, and will deliver a comprehensive range of yacht management services, to ensure your peace of mind – every step of the way. From cost control for the operation and maintenance of your yacht to every aspect of operating it, we operate with efficiency, transparency and, of course, accountability. Ocean Management offers a solution that is tailored to you and your yacht.


Building your own yacht is a major investment so you have to be confident that it is being well managed. Ocean Management will handle your project expertly, from inception to launch. We want the construction of your new yacht to be exciting and enjoyable, allowing you to express your own personality, taste and style. Offering you full control of every detail, our designers, engineers and technical experts form a team around you. Refitting an existing yacht can offer an alternative to a new construction, allowing you to put your mark on a yacht without the longer lead-time of new build. The choice between new build and refit will depend on financial considerations, current market values and a shipyards schedule. Ocean Management has been involved in new construction and refitting some of the world's most iconic yachts. We have relationships with established shipyards worldwide and our multi-skilled technical team of naval architects, engineers and captains are on hand to help you navigate the complexities of any build or refit project. We will manage each construction phase, monitor contractors' technical and financial performance, arrange all of the surveys, manage classification, flag and technical regulatory paperwork and finally, launch and deliver the yacht that you need and want.


Operational management leaves no space for error. At Ocean Management we think service and consistency are as important as being adaptable and cost effective. We assign a dedicated yacht manager to every yacht. Your manager is permanently available, acts as a point of reference for the owner and delivers regular reports on all aspects of the yacht’s operation, including on-board inspections. Our full operational management package assures that the vessel is operated safely and smoothly at all times. Crewing and technical management (including maintenance planning and support) are part of the package, as well as offering payments and accounting, cost control and inspections, reporting and our 24/7 Emergency Support, globally. We also have an in-house legal advisor. This arrangement allows us to respond quickly, independently and cost-efficiently to any legal questions and issues: from reviewing contract clauses to settling insurance claims. Ocean Management maintains a strict non-commission policy for services rendered to our clients under the management agreement. The many discounts we are able to obtain from suppliers are always credited to the owners and there is no mark-up whatsoever on our services. After all, integrity is our hallmark.


Every yacht needs a flag. At Ocean Management we offer a range of corporate yacht ownership and registration services. From advice on the advantages of corporate ownership versus individual ownership, to the benefits of registering your yacht in a particular country: every decision is carefully weighed with your needs at the forefront. Corporate ownership has many advantages, including enhanced confidentiality, limited exposure to various potential liabilities and the possibility of structured estate planning. Through our global network of maritime lawyers, we help you with the selection and then implementation of the ownership structure. After incorporation, we will contact the relevant authorities to arrange the appropriate registration and flag for your yacht. Working closely with yacht registration experts who can recommend the best solution for your yacht, we consider issues such as the use of the yacht, intended cruising areas, VAT and more. We also offer full crew management and recruitment services, as well as support regarding VAT and other tax matters.


It is rightly said that ‘a happy crew runs a happy ship’. Having the right on-board personnel is crucial for an enjoyable experience for both you and your guests. And while crew placement is one of the most important elements of yacht management, it is also one of the trickiest to get right, unless you are extremely experienced. At Ocean Independence, we recruit, administer and manage yacht crew and provide motivated and competent Captains and crew for the fleet of yachts under our management. As a result our clients experience low crew turnover, excellent on-board knowledge retention and associated reduced running costs. We deal with all aspects of crewing such as the selection and assessment of candidates, including background checks. We then provide employment agreements that are in line with international and flag state regulations and deliver payroll administration, travel and visa arrangements, crew training and support, performance monitoring and, most importantly, compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 and EC regulation No 883/2004, regarding the co-ordination of social security systems. Entrust us with your crew management services and you will have a well-oiled yachting operation in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations – one less thing to think about. At Ocean Management we are experienced at finding the right, correctly qualified crew to deliver the on board service you require.


In order to exceed expectations for on board service, yacht crew require highly dedicated training in all areas. We have developed a specialist programme, completely unique to the yachting industry. This short and bespoke course is carried out on board your yacht by Hanspeter Vorchezer, President of the Swiss Butler Association, who will teach crew members how to provide top level service.


Many yacht owners prefer to escape the anxiety and disappointment – and major mooring expenses – of not finding a berth by buying their own. And since we have supported many of our clients in their purchase of a permanent berth, we have the contact and experience to help you make the best choice. You may choose to secure your home port somewhere you can sail beautiful coastlines, enjoying fabulous scenery and visit hidden locations. Before making your purchase we can advise you on the most suitable location(s), assess the offers and make you aware of extra charges that might by levied by marina managers, as well as verify any tax implications. The selection of berths available through Ocean Independence offer top class service and facilities to meet all the requirements of your yacht. Allow us to ensure you get the best deal.


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