Antarctica: The White Continent

It is rare that a destination is so incredible, it etches an indelible impression upon your very being. Antarctica is indeed that place.

Take prime viewing position on the bow of your superyacht and watch glistening ice formations glide past as humpback whales skim the surface - the vast wilderness of Antarctica will capture your imagination. 

A yacht charter adventure to Antarctica guarantees spectacular landscapes, scenery and wildlife; the coldest continent on earth will not fail to warm your heart. 

Every day in the Antarctic delivers a spectacular view, new found colours ice and indigenous species to spot. Knowledgeable guides ensure charter guests are fully briefed on each destination, covering everything from wildlife protocol to in-depth geological information.  This is an opportunity to respectfully explore some unique surroundings whilst observing the penguin highway and keeping approximately 5m away from wildlife whenever possible. When embarking and disembarking the yacht, expedition members' shoes must be disinfected to eliminate any bacterial transfer and protect the fragile environment.  Enjoy learning the collective terminology for the ubiquitous ice pieces drifting past  - did you see a growler, some bergy bits or was it indeed a bonafide iceberg? Hiking here is sensational and the stunning vistas crammed with brilliant white and blue icebergs will fill you with genuine awe.   Encounter volcanic Deception Island, last active in 1978, populated by a vast penguin colony, headed up by King Penguin, Kevin. At Port Lockroy, mail a postcard from the Penguin Post Office, visit the fascinating museum - a  preserved throwback of the 1950's research station - plus pick up a few local gifts from the tiny shop. 

This is a voyage of discovery - the only souvenirs to take home are photographs and memories. 



When to go

December to March

High season

December to March



Whilst exploring, observe the rules of the Penguin Highway that will be explained by your guides - wildlife takes priority at all times


Cruise into the flooded, horse-shoe shaped caldera at Deception Island where some take the Antarctic plunge in this geothermal hotspot - do you dare?


Ocean Independence Charter Manager, Barbara Muller, has excellent knowledge and experience from a recent expedition in Antarctica and can seamlessly guide you through a charter to this exclusive destination



CAPE SCOTT 114 is a yacht for serious sailors. The design team are old hands and have built numerous similar yachts over a 20 year period. Designed for serious exploring.
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ENDEAVOUR 2 is a tri-deck explorer superyacht with a top speed of 16 knots, cruising speed of 12 knots and 5,000 nm for transoceanic passages.
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Offered in tandem with 164' Westport GIGI to accommodate additional passengers and toys.
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