Barbuda: Coral Sand & Snorkelling

Barbuda is the isolated little sister of Antigua and lies in the middle of the Leeward Islands. Make it a perfect stop off while cruising the archipelago. Barbuda’s pristine beaches are covered in pink coral sands and their beauty is arguably unrivalled in the Caribbean. Cruising the entire coastline takes no more than a day, but will reveal the best coves and bays, swimming spots and anchorages. Outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkelling, fishing, and caving are all possible here, while the spectacular marine life draws divers from around the world.

For bird lovers, the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, in Codrington Lagoon is a is teeming with rare and exotic birds, while those seeking Native American Culture should head to Indian Cave, containing ancient and fascinating petroglyphs. Other must-sees include Highland House, the perfectly preserved 18th-century stately home of the Codrington family, which is a monument of Britishness in the Caribbean. The island’s capital, Codrington, is a great place to stop for lunch or supper and stock up on provisions. With Caribbean flair, the atmosphere of the people, cafés and restaurants is uniformly laid back and cheerful. Grab a seat overlooking the harbour at sunset and absorb the Caribbean calm while reggae music hangs in the still air.

When to go:

the whole year round

High season:

October – March



Walk for hours along the pristine sands of 17-mile beach


Take children horse riding in the shallows of the sea at Lighthouse Bay


Watch sunset at Coco Point where the windward and leeward sides of the island meet


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