Dominica: Hot Springs & Whale watching

The Commonwealth of Dominica forms part of the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles and is considered a wilderness of natural beauty, with crashing waterfalls, glistening springs and more than 300 radiant rivers waiting to be explored. It is an up and coming yachting destination, though it’s mostly anchorage. With rare species of plants, animals and especially birds, this is a paradise for naturalists. Many make a pilgrimage here to see the Sisserou parrot. Found only on Dominica, it is the island's national bird and features on the flag. Hike to the country’s highest point, Morne Diablotins, or stay on board and try and seek out the whales. The clear azure waters surrounding Dominica are home to an abundance of whale species.

Dominica is still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity and has an impressive hot spring, Boiling Lake, which is an awesome sight. As a result the marine life means excellent scuba diving and snorkelling. Culturally, Dominica is famed for its musical festivals Creole in the Park and the World Creole Music Festival, which are full of folklore, colour and music. A yachting holiday on Dominica is a unique experience of simply astounding natural beauty paired with a gentle climate and a sense of pure calm and relaxation.

When to go:

the whole year round

High season:

October – March



Take a boat trip up Indian River, betwen tall swamp bloodwood trees to see the animals in the shadows


Stop at the Purple Turtle and enjoy a signature rum punch, a mixture of fruits, herbs and ‘local atmosphere’


Snorkel on the coral reefs of Douglas Bay - truly breath-taking


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