Nassau: Sophistication & Kite surfing

The all-singing all-dancing city of Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and a colonial masterpiece with a fascinating blend of cultures and immense natural beauty. Like most ports in the Bahamas, Nassau is a yachting haven, especially due to its world-class marins and international airport.

A former British Colony, there are well-preserved Victorian homes and grand fortresses. But today’s Nassau is best known for excellent, high-end shopping and exclusive casinos. Here’s a great place for golfers, with some of the world’s finest found in the exclusive resorts. If golf isn’t your thing, try windsurfing, snorkelling or shark-diving here, since the surrounding reefs boast a good population of non-aggressive reef sharks who you can see up close underwater. If it’s calm and serenity you are after, the southwest shores are home to secluded beaches, calling out for you to drop anchor and chill out on the aft deck with a good book. Due to the luxurious and exclusive resorts and hotels on Nassau, it has escaped the ravages of mass tourism and retains its air of exclusivity. Come to Nassau to combine tropical wilderness with metropolitan ease.

When to go

the whole year round

High season

October – March



Land your private jet in Nassau for quick and hassle-free access to the Caribbean


Harness the excellent winds with a spot of kite surfing, paragliding or windsurfing, all popular sports on Nassau


With an international food scene, try the sushi at Sushi Rokan – locals say it’s far better than Nobu (also on the island)


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