Puerto Rico: Latin Spirit & American Hospitality

To the north of Panama and part of the United States of America, Puerto Rico is an enticing blend of North and South, Anglo-Saxon and Latin cultures. Here, modernity meets nature and the highlight has to be the myriad secluded beaches and secret bays that are best (and often, only) accessed by yacht. Puerto Rican culture is at its best in the pulsating capital of San Juan. The modern harbour makes it an ideal launch for your charter holiday. With elegant resorts, chic boutiques and luxurious restaurants given an exotic edge, it’s worth spending a day here before heading off along the coastline.

Set sail for Isla to indulge in watersports and sunbathing on its icing-sugar beaches. Ponce, on the southern coast, is the place for nightlife, offering both fine bars and chic clubs with great views of the sea. If you prefer outdoor pursuits, El Yunque National Forest offers excellent hiking whilst Rincon on the opposite side of the island is the place for surfers. With islands in relative proximity to the coast – from the small island Desecheo with its wildlife reserve or the Isla de Mona with its untouched forests – you can see a lot without having long passages, ideal for first time charterers.

When to go:

the whole year round

High season:

October – March



Spend the day watching some of the worl’s best surfers tackle the waves at Rincón, Puerto Rico's surfing capital


Explore Old San Juan, a riot of styles from Hispanic colonial to neoclassical and Caribbean Art Deco


Visit El Yunque National Forest, recently a finalist, along with the Grand Canyon, in a competition to choose the New Seven Wonders of the World


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