The Windward Islands: Sea Urchins & Sea Breezes

Lying in the southeastern Caribbean in the path of the northeast trade winds, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent, The Grenadines and Grenada are known for their tropical scenery, fabulous beaches, remote anchorages and hidden coves: all the ingredients for a perfect yacht charter.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines are an adventure that defines the Caribbean: hopping between the 30 islands, explore tropical rainforests, where banana and coconut palms grow. The waters are full of sea urchins, turtles and exotic fish, rocks, sandbars and cays.

Experience chic French Martinique, where the capital Fort-de-France has excellent restaurants paired with luxurious shopping.

For nature enthusiasts, Dominica is one of the prime destinations of the region, without beaches, its interior is the main draw. A UNESCO World Heritage site, its lush rainforest and soaring peaks are great for outdoor pursuits include diving, whale and bird-watching, hiking and snorkelling.

Barbados is a bustling and sophisticated island and a great entry point from which to explore the more remote Windward Islands.

When to go:

the whole year round

High season:

October – March



Head to Grenada: the best of both worlds, with its pristine beaches, chic city and bountiful, lush interior


Take a slow boat up the mangrove-lined Indian River on Dominica


Visit the Pitons, the most impressive towering peaks in St. Lucia


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