Ekincik – verdant landscape & yachting treasure

On the ravishing southwest coast of Turkey lies the little-known yachting haven of Ekincik, hidden away from the hustle of Izmir and the industry of Antalya. Tucked into a gorgeous bay with a backdrop of fragrant pines blanketing the surrounding hills, this is a fantastic retreat for yachting enthusiasts seeking peace and calm on the Turkish Riviera. Boasting pristine, icing sugar beaches and clear, azure waters, Ekincik is truly paradisiacal. Its 1300m of coastline is punctuated by caverns and caves, ideally accessed by boat. Often used as a base from which to explore the Dalyan peninsula, it’s gaining ground as a destination in its own right. The tiny village has managed to retain a sense of serenity whilst providing all the amenities that a seasoned traveller will expect on a luxury yacht charter.

The village of Ekincik itself offers a couple of excellent restaurants as well as a number of cosy cafés where you can sample traditional Turkish coffee (short, thick and very strong) or mint tea (fresh and sweet). An ancient lighthouse close by is an excellent point to enjoy views of the surrounding coastline as the evening light stifles the heat of the day. Close by, the Kaunos ruins are a marvellous spectacle. Lycian tombs, an amphitheatre, temple and Roman baths against the backdrop of cobalt blue waters - and the site is best accessed by yacht. The neighbouring thermal springs and sulphur mud baths are renowned for their benefits to body and soul. Visit Ekincik to experience the other side of Turkey, where style and substance come in equal measure and the pace of life is measurably slowed. Ekincik offers a vast array of outdoor activities, from the customary water sports, to trekking in the lush forests and swimming in secluded caves along the coast. Slow down the pace and enjoy simple cruising along the coast – a treat for the soul.

When to go:

April – October

High season:

July – August



Head to the natural healing thermal spa of Sultaniye Kapilicari, 12km from Ekincik, where you must take a fabulously restorative mud bath


Arrive at the Kaunos ruins at dawn and see the sun rising over the ancient structures as you sip your morning coffee


Beach restaurant Likya is in a beautiful tree-shaded setting: see if you can spot the tortoise in the garden or hear the frog chorus in the adjacent stream



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