Cyclades Islands: Romance & Relaxation

The picture-perfect Cyclades Islands are arguably the best place in Greece for honeymooners: between the scenic villages with their whitewashed houses and azure bays. Mykonos, Santorini and Ios draw lovers and couples who stroll through their narrow streets arm in arm, taking selfies besides glorious Bourganvillea before sailing into the sunset on their charter yachts. This Greek island group lies in the Aegean Sea, close to Athens, and perhaps because of their proximity to the mainland, they are one of the most popular sailing grounds. This is postcard Greece, from the whitewashed houses, to the blue painted church domes and gentle old windmills. In each of the 39 beautiful islands, the atmosphere is laid back.

The beauty of chartering here is that you have complete freedom to hop between the islands depending on where the mood takes you. The beaches are one of the biggest draws to the Aegean, with warm, calm waters making a yacht charter here a relaxing and enjoyable experience, for couples, friends or families alike. Allow time to get to know Santorini, renowned for its own volcano as well as its scenic natural, black pebble beaches, while Mykonos is a cosmopolitan party hot spot with a lavish nightlife and some of the most notable and romantic restaurants in Greece. Folegandros, to the south, once remote, is becoming increasingly trendy. Nearby Sikinos, with its tiny population of 300, is still little-visited. Besides the main islands, there are numerous little islands, from peaceful and romantic Oia to Thira, where perhaps the most amazing sunsets can be seen at the Ruins of ancient Thira. Kea, with its oak forest, and Kythnos, with its hot springs, are both quieter than many of the other islands. Like the other Aegean islands, the Cyclades are in the path of the warm Meltemi wind, from the end of June, and into September. So as well as experiencing the heady romance of the Cyclades, you can enjoy some excellent sailing.

When to go:

April – end of October

High season:

July – August



Head to quiet Anafi’s fantastic beaches. Stir yourself with a stiff hike up Cape Kalamos – the largest single rock formation in Europe (including Gibraltar)


Sail through the gulfs of Mykonos, which penetrate the land and get you close to the action. Sail through Panormouand of Ornou and find the party


Anchor off the beautiful bay of Poleis on Kea to spend a relaxing day on board with a perfect view when you do raise your gaze from your book


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