Kyparissi: Olives & Tavernas

The tiny fishing village of Kyparissi sits on a gorgeous stretch of the Peloponnese in southern Greece, offering a good, sheltered mooring from all but north easterly winds. Not yet engulfed by mass tourism, despite its proximity to popular destinations like Nafplio and Monemvasia, Kyparissi remains thankfully unchanged and protected from outside influences. The three districts of Kyparissi cling to the mountains and coastline, interspersed with olive trees and orchards. It’s a place to escape the stress of crowds: excellently located for yachting enthusiasts who want to explore the bustling harbours of better-known areas and then duck out for a couple of days respite, without having to do long passages.

At the bottom of the mountain range sits Metropolis. Famed for its beaches, this is the secret weekend retreat of the Athens jet set. Close by, Parilea offers two of the three pristine pebble beaches in the area. Here you can enjoy the sea without a myriad of other yachts, while the gentle movement of your boat rocks you into an afternoon slumber. Some excellent tavernas along the coastline serving fresh fish plus other local delicacies and wines from the area are not to be missed. The highest part of Kyparissi is Vrissi, drawing visitors up the steep, cobbled street to take in the views and visit its natural spring. Vrissi has some lovely hiking routes too.

When to go:

April – end of October

High season:

July – August



Beyond Metropolis, the small harbour of Agios Nikolaoshas a lovely, protected beach


Kyparissi is home to the British artist James Foot, one of the finest watercolour painters in Greece. Bring home the ultimate souvenir which will only gain value


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