Nafplio: Castles and Coves

The prettiest and largest harbour on the Argolic Gulf of the Aegean Sea, Nafplio lies to the east of the Peloponnese peninsula and marries contemporary Greek culture with traditional surroundings. The capital of Greece until 1834, Nafplio has retained its original charm by being spared mass tourism and its inevitable development. A main attraction in Nafplio is its well-preserved architecture. The traditional Greek rainbow-coloured houses are partly influenced by Venetian design, while the National Bank of Greece building is an example of rare Mycenaean Revival architecture.

The greater part of the old city lies on a peninsula that reaches out into the clear waters of the Argolic Gulf. The natural harbour is one of the most striking on the Greek coast, and guarantees splendid sunsets – especially if you get front row seats at one of the lively bars around the port. Try some local delicacies at the excellent traditional Taverna Mezedopoleio O Noulis: enjoy the central town square which comes alive in the early evening. A tradition of impromptu gatherings is enhanced by the fact that, even by Greek standards, the climate of Nafplio is exceptionally mild making it a great place to gather for drinks in the balmy evenings, long after most resorts are wintering. Visit Nafplio to enjoy a traditional and lively Greek town with a distinctly cosmopolitan touch.

When to go:

April – end of October

High season:

July – August



Walk up the 913 stairs to the bastions of Palamidi castle. A fortress built by the Venetians and later claimed by the Turks, it has spectacular views


Stop off at the incredible T'Anapliotiko Bakaliko opposite Agios Georgios church. This wonderful grocery store stocks the best of Greek food and wine (they also take phone orders).


Hike or take a tender to Arvanitia beach. Although it’s pebbles and not sand, it like a tidal pool and a great place to take a cooling dip from the aft deck swim platform


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