Peloponnese: Legend and Lore

The Peloponnese peninsula is the essence of fable, immortalised in Greek legend and probably Greece’s mythical heart. Today, it is still one of the most beautiful and wild landscapes in Europe, and offers excellent conditions for sailing your charter yacht: calm waters, countless bays and superlative backdrops. The lofty, snow-capped mountains, spring waterfalls that cut into deep gorges and valleys of citrus groves and vineyards, cypress forests and wild flower meadows, before it all tumbles down to sun-drenched beaches.

For centuries, invaders have sought to conquer this land and the Greeks fought fiercely to protect their earthly paradise. Today though, the Greek tradition of hospitality is as strong here as anywhere in the country. The local cuisine is considered to be Greece’s finest, making this an attractive destination for food lovers. But let’s not deny the main attraction. The Peloponnese Islands are a classicist’s dream, and here you will find some of the best-preserved relics in Greece. The ruins of Olympia inspire a sense of awe and wonder. Epidavrus, with its giant theatre, was discovered and excavated a century ago. To listen to music in a magical setting, time your trip to coincide with one of the calendar of classical open-air performances throughout the summer.

When to go:

June – mid July and September

High season:

June – mid July



Lunch at Kyrimai hotel (Gerolimenas, Mani). This movielike location at the edge of a quiet fishing village on the southern tip of the Tainaro peninsula, is where the Aegean meets the Ionian sea. Order smoked aubergines, or local fried red shrimps with ouzo mayonnaise


The medieval ruins of Mystras, a few miles from Sparta, form a spectacular open-air museum of Byzantine churches, frescoes, palaces and walls


Take a hiking tour to ancient Mycenae, which lies at the foothills of Mount Agios Illias, for spectacular views and the chance to explore the ruins without red tape and barriers


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