South America Overview

A luxury superyacht charter in this vast region of intense diversity is guaranteed to be packed with colour, music and dancing. Latin soul radiates from captivating landscapes that span Central and Southern America. Amazonian rainforests, mystical Incan ruins and glistening Patagonian glaciers are just a taste of the delights that wait. A continent of many colours, bursting with treasures in their multitudes: vibrant local markets, buzzing cityscapes and picture-perfect colonial towns. A yacht charter is an ideal way to discover these incredible regions and maybe access hidden treasures, otherwise unthought of.

The natural world is a glittering array of charms: from the majestic Andes with snow-trimmed peaks to the meandering Amazon River, variety will be your muse. Lush rainforests teeming with biodiversity, impressive volcanoes embracing misty heights and rocky canyons resplendent in scarlet hues: there’s so much to discover. Icey blue glaciers and utterly contrasting sun-kissed sandy beaches thrive; juxtaposed landscapes seem a speciality in South America. Music sets the tone – engage with Colombian salsa, Brazilian samba, Argentine tango and Andean folk music to get you on your feet; after all this is the home of expressive rhythm, no matter what tempo. Many colonial towns have barely changed over time, still sprinkled with cobblestone streets, smart plazas and gilded churches. During your luxury yacht charter in South America you may aim for an exploration masterclass in culture to gaze in awe at ancient Incan temples or sail to the Bocas del Toro to gasp in wonder as rainforests meet the sea. To top the heady assortment of culture, nature and lifestyle, Latino cuisine is sublime. A veritable global gastronomic exchange, the traditional Latin flavours have brought about a fusion of new combinations alongside those of days gone by. Bite into cheesy “muchines de yucca”, teatime “bojo cake” made with cassava is not to be missed and no meal can be complete without a selection of Chilean wine. Whether you intend to relax on deck, soak up the extraordinary vistas and visit sun-drenched beaches or actively pursue heritage discoveries and cultural highlights along the way, your luxury superyacht charter will be unforgettable for oh so many reasons.

When to go:

All year round

High season:

October – March



For breath-taking scenery, the Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia hosts granite spires and fissured glaciers of the Fitzroy and Torre groups


In August the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and Championships offer 18 days of exhilarating and passionate dance - not to be missed


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