Papua New Guinea: Local Culture & Lush Rainforests

Papua New Guinea remains one of the world's last great frontiers; swathed in glistening rainforests and towering volcanoes - vibrant, colourful and ultimately unforgettable.

160km north of Australia and south of the equator, more than 600 highlands and islands plus 800 indigenous languages are found within these 4 eclectic regions. Adventures that involve surfing, diving, fishing and bird-watching are found in abundance and ideal on a superyacht charter here.  The culture in PNG is untouched and unique. Remote village tribes fiercely maintain traditions through art and ceremonies plus Sing Sings - expressive mixes of dance, music and costume displayed in a noisy, colourful explosion. Visitors should take the opportunity to witness these passionate spectacles where possible. 

Scenery throughout PNG will take your breath away with it's sheer raw beauty. The lush landscape is dotted with winding rivers and cascading waterfalls that thunder deep inside pristine rainforests. Juxtaposing the jagged peaks running the length of the country, sparkling white-sand beaches outline the coast with coral reefs offshore, awaiting discovery by fascinated snorkellers. The endemic species of flora and fauna found on PNG are 75% endemic, together with some impressive wildlife. Numerous types of tree kangaroo, spine-covered echidnas and gigantic flightless birds such as the cassowary will delight nature lovers. Vestiges of a colonial past are still seen in some town buildings and WWII wrecks have become popular dive sites. If you crave adventure off the beaten track, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to explore an extreme, exciting and colourful nation, truly a memorable yacht charter of a lifetime.  

When to go

All year round

High season

May to October



Watch traditional 'kundus' (canoes) in the exciting Kenu & Kundu Festival in Milne Bay Province


Spot the magnificent plumage of the islands' birds of paradise and watch their outrageous courtship displays


History buffs can follow in the footsteps of Australian "diggers" on the Kokoda Track or visit the former Japanese submarine base near Rabaul



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