Indonesia: Mystery, Volcanoes & Natural Beauty

Numbers characterize Indonesia: only 8,000 of 17,000 islands are inhabited yet over 300 languages spoken. Mesmerising and alluring, adventures flourish in this spectactular superyacht charter destination. A colourful land fusing together multifarious cultures and enchanting customs; gregarious locals and diverse wildlife, not to forget a selection of majestic volcanoes. This sultry place that runs 5,000km along the equator is a unique blend of spectacle and mystery: sublime is the norm. Powerful and diverse landscapes hug the dramatic seaboard in Sulawesi where powder-white beaches and tempting dive sites pepper the coastline providing wonderful opportunities during an Indonesian luxury yacht charter. Whereas Sumatra’s theatrical contours are dictated by the proud volcanoes, of which there are almost 100; this area resonates with life and exudes the beauty of nature. An undisputed must-see inland is the vast, ocean-blue lake of Danau Toba covering over 1700sq km and set high up among volcanic crests, which are also home to the friendly Batak people.

Radically dissimilar natives populate the islands and time has evolved deep cultures; from the secrecies of the mystical Balinese to the incongruent beliefs of the Asmat people of Papua; all are wholly fascinating.

Meander on board your superyacht around Bali, the fabled “land of the gods”, for stunning beaches, historic temples and a striking verdant landscape. In Java explore charismatic palaces and sacred wonders before travelling to the captivating slopes of Mount Bromo. For those seeking less-developed shores packing true adventure, head to Lombok for sweeping beaches and lofty Mount Rinjani then venture to the rustic, car-free Gili islands where traditional Bugis schooners may sail alongside your superyacht.

Dramatic, idyllic, intriguing, humbling….. the exquisite blend of culture and scenery is impossible to describe in words that give justice to the depths of Indonesia’s splendour.

When to go:

All year round

High season:

April - November



Komodo National Park on the Komodo archipelago has been declared one of the New 7 Wonders of nature – take a guided tour to explore the rich marine ecosystem and a dragon-finding trek is a must


The famous orangutan rehabilitation centre at Bukit Lawangs offers a wonderful close-up view of these exceptional creatures for visitors during twice-daily feeding times


Walk the promenade along Losari Beach on Sulawesi Island, famed for excellent seafood restaurants and watch the traditional phinisi sailing ships come into port



BLISS is a sleek and stunning 37m sailing yacht offering a spacious cockpit for relaxing and alfresco dining, a deck Jacuzzi, and adaptable accommodation for up to 10.
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