Marmaris: Beach BBQ’s & Horse riding

Marmaris lies on the Mediterranean coast, in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey, and is a well-known highlight of the Turkish Riviera. The former fishing village is framed by rugged mountains and has a reputation for being a glitzy, cosmopolitan hub, particularly attractive to yachting enthusiasts since it boasts one of the grandest natural harbours in the world. Living up to its name in every sense, the translation for Marmaris is “shining”. The city is a labyrinth of bazaars, fine dining restaurants and chichi bars and clubs: a microcosm of modern Turkey. With wild, mountainous terrain and dense pine forests, it is also a paradise for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts. Adventure-hungry visitors can explore on mountain bikes or quad bikes, with both easy and more challenging routes to choose from. Or why not try horse riding through the countryside, and experience the scenery at a slower pace.

The coast around Marmaris is known for gorgeous beaches, with Cleopatra Beach – allegedly her wedding present from Mark Anthony – being the most famed. The icing-sugar sand beach of Iclemer is an ideal spot for families with its gentle slopes and shallow waters. Cruise along the coast to create your own breeze in summer, have lunch on board and cool off by diving and snorkelling in one of the many small bays where the marine life is rich and plentiful and the water is crystal clear.

When to go:

April – October

High season:

July – August



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Book lunch and spend an afternoon with the beautiful people poolside at the D-Hotel Maris (bear in mind - it is adult only)


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