Northern Italy: Romance & Renaissance Architecture

The Italian Riviera is arguably the most beautiful and romantic stretch of the Italian coast, renowned for its mild climate, prolific cultural and heritage sites and classical atmosphere. As well as a wonderfully laid back lifestyle, the charms of its ancient fishing ports and scenic landscapes have ensured that the Italian Riviera remains among the most popular yacht charter destinations. The narrow arc of the Riviera consists of a thin coastal strip at the foot of the Maritime Alps, and encompasses the dramatic coastline of Liguria, between Tuscany and the French Côte d'Azur. Narrow beaches dust the coves and bays between sheer rock faces plunging into the water. The seaside towns define elegance. At the historical and cultural centre is Genoa, dividing the shoreline in half.

Lying west of Genoa, the Riviera di Ponente impresses with lush countryside, reliable weather and wide, beautiful beaches. The eastern Riviera di Levante is famous for its dramatic scenery, craggy landscapes and pockets of glitz and glamour. Many areas along the Italian Riviera are protected as World Heritage Sites, from the world-famous, harbour at Portofino, to Lerici and the Cinque Terre.

When to go:

April – end of October

High season:

July – August



Take pictures and drink sundowners on board your yacht while berthed at Portofino


Make a stop at Ventimiglia to shop at the busy Friday market – excellent for leather bags and belts


Wander along Via Garibaldi, the 16th century millionaires' row lined with magnificent town houses



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