Rome & West Italy: Culture, Beaches & Vineyards

The Eternal City was the seat of one of the greatest civilizations in the world, and remains Europe's most visited capital. While the river Tiber, which runs through the city, isn't navigable all the way to the centre, there are plenty of marinas in nearby towns. Italy’s capital is located between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is the birthplace of La Dolce Vita, home to the Pope, Vatican City and the Three Coins in the Fountain: Rome's historic centre is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The architecture and culture of the city are beyond superlative. Statues, basilicas, ruins and fountains impress at every viewpoint. The great harbour Porto di Roma takes some negotiating but offers amazing views. Once you have seen the sights – including the vast and ornate Piazza del Popolo - it’s time to hit the shops. Rome is one of the leading fashion capitals of the world. From the Eternal City cruise along the west coast of Italy, from Tuscany across to the Tuscan archipelago in the Tyrrhenian sea. Sample the best wines from Chianti to Montepulciano, and indulge in some regional specialities from truffles and olives to pecorino cheese or wild boar.

When to go:

April – end of October

High season:

July – August



It would be remiss not to take a trip to the ancient Colosseum in the heart of the city; the largest amphitheatre ever built


Try and coincide a visit with the Tuscany wine tasting during Maremma's annual wine festivals on Cantine Aperte - open days - in deep vaults and cellars under medieval palazzi and streets. The town celebrates the arrival of autumn and the first bottles of novella wines are opened


Visit the Vatican City. Even though it's located in Rome the Vatican has been an independent state since 1929 with its own flag, coins and stamps.



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