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Events 2024 America’s Cup Luxury Yacht Charter

Sailing, it remains the most beautiful of sports. There is a purity to a tall, monohulled racing yacht – a purity we have not seen the likes in any other sporting discipline. And beauty matters in sport. Definitions of what makes a beautiful racing yacht differ, but there is no doubt the hydrofoiling AC75s racing at the 37th America’s Cup in Barcelona are an object of sheer beauty and technological mastery.

Booking a luxury yacht for the regatta offers the flexibility to enjoy the full three weeks of racing, a weekend of excitement, or simply a week for the main event. Select from an exquisite collection of the best crewed luxury yachts available for charter throughout the cup, ensuring you witness the thrills in absolute style and comfort. Reach out to our Charter Consultants for more details on how to charter a yacht for the ultimate America’s Cup spectator experience.


The official opening ceremony of the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup will take place in Barcelona on August 22, 2024. This will be followed by the final Preliminary Regatta and the Louis Vuitton Cup (Challenger Selection Series), leading up to the main event, the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Match, which commences on October 12, 2024.

Americas cup team NZ

In the run-up to these events, three preliminary competitions are run in Vilanova i La Geltrú, Jeddah, and Barcelona throughout 2023 and early 2024. As of June 2023, all competing teams established their bases in Barcelona, where they are currently training. Here’s the timeline of the America’s Cup events in Barcelona from August to October 2024:

  • August 22: Opening Ceremony
  • August 22 – 25: Final Preliminary Regatta
  • August 29 – October 7: Louis Vuitton Cup
  • September 10 – 26: Youth America’s Cup
  • September 28 – October 13: Puig Women’s America’s Cup
  • October 12 – 27: 37th America’s Cup Final
  • October 3 – 11: J Class Yachts


Barcelona, the vibrant capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, celebrated for its art, architecture, and lively culture, is gleaming more than ever as it gears up to host the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup along with its competing teams.

The team bases are strategically positioned within the Port Vell area, encircled by the America’s Cup Race Village, which has the capacity to welcome tens of thousands of fans each day. Positioned just beyond the port’s entrance breakwaters, the racecourse is aligned in front of extensive fan zones, beachside viewing areas, and a dedicated hospitality sector, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for all.


For fans spectating from the comfort of a private yacht, specific zones will be allocated for yachts along the boundary of the racecourse. You will not only get this close-up view of the action, but live TV and radio on board will ensure you catch every moment of the action. This unique setup allows you to witness the race firsthand and listen to live commentary, providing a comprehensive and immersive spectator experience.

Spectators can look forward to AC75s gliding past at speeds up to 50 knots, alongside an array of fleet and match races designed to showcase the prowess of sailing teams from across the planet. The America’s Cup is a battle among the world’s best sailors, on the world’s best boats, presenting a formidable challenge that puts both their sailing acumen and the yachts’ designs to the test.

The excitement of the America’s Cup races attracts the Superyacht Set from every corner of the globe, eager to witness history and experience the thrill of the most competitive regatta on the planet. Opting for a luxury yacht charter provides unparalleled front-row seats to the action, offering the most spectacular vantage point right from the water.


Emirates Team New Zealand, flying the flag for the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, currently holds the prestigious America’s Cup. Yet, they face formidable opposition. INEOS Britannia from the United Kingdom, recognised as the ‘Challenger of Record,’ is orchestrating the Louis Vuitton Cup (Challenger Selection Series) to determine their competitor for the coveted trophy.

This unique competition structure ensures that the Defender of the Cup automatically secures a spot in the final match of the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup, while the Challengers engage in a rigorous selection process to identify the leading yacht to challenge the team from New Zealand.

Additional entries confirmed include Alinghi Red Bull Racing from Switzerland, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli from Italy, American Magic from the New York Yacht Club in the USA, and Orient Express Racing Team from France.


The America’s Cup, renowned as the oldest trophy still contested in international sports, represents the pinnacle of achievement for winners of the America’s Cup yacht races. With its inaugural competition predating the modern Olympic Games by nearly half a century, its popularity has only increased over time.

The origins of the competition trace back to August 22, 1851, coinciding with the first World Fair in London. It was then that the Royal Yacht Squadron of England, entering 14 vessels, issued a challenge to the New York Yacht Club for a race around the Isle of Wight. The American Yacht Club chose to compete with a single vessel, the schooner America, a graceful two-masted sailing boat. Defying expectations, America not only clinched the victory but did so with a margin so vast that, upon Queen Victoria enquiring who was second, she was informed: “There is no second, your Majesty.” This episode gave rise to the iconic motto of the America’s Cup, “There is no second.” Initially, the trophy was ambiguously referred to as the “100 Guineas Cup” (reflecting its cost and nearly four kilograms of silver craftsmanship) or the “Queen’s Cup,” but it was the American triumph that bestowed the prize with its current name, in honour of the winners.

The New York Yacht Club went on to maintain a continuous winning record for 132 years, overcoming 25 consecutive challenges, a record streak in sports history. Initially, races were in New York until 1930, when they were moved to Newport where the NYYC continued to defend the trophy until 1983 and the inception of the Louis Vuitton Cup.

This marked a new era with a series of elimination regattas to determine an official challenger. Azzurra, as the first Italian entry, made a notable impact by finishing third among the challengers, significantly broadening the race’s appeal. However it was Australia II that emerged victorious, securing their right to contest the previously unbeaten American defender, Liberty. In a historic match in Newport’s waters, Australia II triumphed over Liberty, breaking the 132 year dominance.

While securing the trophy today still requires a highly talented crew, nautical technology has taken on an increasingly important role, coupled with strategic interpretation of the rules.

This year’s AC75 boats are poised to be the fastest and most technologically sophisticated entries in the prestigious Cup’s history. Don’t miss your chance to witness the winning team make history at the 37th America’s Cup from the luxury of a private yacht.

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