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2022: Year in Review

06 Dec 2022

Thanks to substantial investment in both new and existing areas of the company, the return of yacht shows, and the roll out of several new platforms to improve our services, Ocean Independence saw great success over 2022 with many happy clients getting out on the water.

Here is a look at just some of our highlights from 2022:


Sales and Purchase

We are very pleased with the strong year our sales and purchase department had through 2022 given the market correction following the COVID boom in 2021. While the market saw a 30% fall in both volume of sales and value of transactions, Ocean Independence only had a 15% decrease on last year's figures. Through introducing both fresh young talent, and mature talent with significant industry experience, our yacht sales brokerage Team is stronger than ever and is currently outperforming the market.

A highlight of 2022 was the return of the major yacht shows. With both Monaco and Fort Lauderdale seeing the Team out in full force, our brokers worked tirelessly to find the perfect boats for our clients, and the results were truly impressive with multiple purchases shortly after each of the shows. Whilst many questions have emerged around the effectiveness of yacht shows since the pandemic, we still firmly believe that, if done properly, yacht shows represent a fantastic opportunity to build relationships, meet new contacts and, most importantly, deliver pertinent advice to our clients. 

With the inventory of exceptional sales listings on the market, it has been a pleasure to bring several high-quality new CAs into the fleet over recent months - CIAO, SIBELLE and MOCHAFY 22 - to name just a few. On the sales side, although the numbers were expectedly down on the groundbreaking year of 2021, we were glad to end the year strong with several significant sales.

To enhance the knowledge and experience of our brokerage Team, we have also taken significant steps towards striking a balance between technology and individual expertise in yacht brokerage. Through substantial investment into market intelligence technology, our brokers now enter 2023 with an incomprehensible range of data and analytics at their fingertips, enhancing the level of advice and service they can provide our clients.

"Ocean Independence at the Monaco Yacht Show"


After such a strong year in 2021, the charter market shows no signs slowing down. We have ended the year with a charter fleet growth of 20% and all our charter 2022 targets met well before the end of the year. Through 2022 our charter brokerage Team arranged countless unforgettable vacations for clients all over the world, and 2023 is set to be no different. Due to high demand for charters on the most popular yachts, we have seen a significant upturn in early reservations in 2022 from those determined to secure their ideal yacht in the perfect location. Bookings for next summer started as early as September with clients eager to secure a slot on their preferred yacht, some of whom struggled with availability then. So, if you are planning a luxury yacht charter for 2023, booking well in advance is highly recommended.

As an example of the progress towards providing a better service to our charter clients - mid way through the year we released an all-new itinerary planning tool, allowing you to fine tune your charter itinerary with your broker, giving quick and easy feedback on each day of your charter to make the most of the time you have on board. With any charter, a good plan is key, and the ability to keep it flexible is even better.



Throughout 2022 the management Team - as always - continued to impress. Growing our management fleet while also strengthening our yacht management and compliance department, we reinforced our ability to provide best-in-class yacht management services to all of our clients and in implementing new software across our managed fleet, the department is set to provide even higher levels of customer service.

While our employment division successfully rolled out a new crew recruitment, management and payroll software, yacht management successfully launched two new yachts for their rightly proud Owners in 2022, and signed four contracts to support new builds in the last quarter of the year. 

Continuously adapting to ever changing rules and regulations, the yacht management Team overcame many unique challenges throughout 2022. We are excited to see what this year will bring, with new products from the yacht management department for Yacht Owners, Captains, crews and brokers on the horizon, our services are set to get even better. 



In our mission to deliver an all-round service to our clients, a significant milestone in 2022 for us was the launch of our private aviation department. With the help of Philipp Wieser, one of the best connected and most experienced people in the private aviation industry, our new aviation department has certainly taken off with a decent level of activity in a few short months. 

From providing regular private jet and helicopter travel for our clients, to making our first venture into private jet brokerage, and even organising a very short notice rescue flight for a Client, our access to a world-class fleet of private jets and helicopters has meant we were able to accommodate any need, at any time. 

With our new Jet Charter Booking App, business travellers as well as those jetting off to their superyacht charter, booking the perfect jet of an unbeatable price has never been so easy. We are excited to see how our aviation department expands in years to come and makes your travel experience as luxurious and efficient as possible.

"Private aviation"


2022 was a major year for Ocean Independence in terms of our push towards sustainability. With more people than ever looking to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying luxury travel, we believe it is important that our clients have access to sustainable travel options.

We searched long and hard to find the best solution to make sustainable yachting easily accessible. As a result, we launched our partnership with ClimatePartner, and our Yacht Charter Carbon Offset initiative.

By calculating the greenhouse gas emissions your charter will produce, we can offset the total amount through investment in sustainability projects run by ClimatePartner. These projects, from providing clean water to villages in India to micro-credits for small eco-businesses, reduce or remove carbon in the atmosphere whilst directly improving livelihoods, conserving biodiversity, and contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We are proud to have made these steps in the right direction towards sustainable yachting, but realise that much more needs to be done. Our continued efforts will therefore remain high on the agenda throughout 2023 and beyond.


"Ocean Independence Company Book"

The year of 2022 saw Ocean Independence flourish in challenging a political and economic climate. We welcomed 25 new Team members to the Ocean Independence family and thoroughly enjoyed all their on-boarding visits to our Zürich office. We built and strengthened Client and business relationships, had a highly successful yacht show season, and continued to expand the range of services we offer.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and Team members for their support and contribution over the past year and look forward to seeing what the New Year will bring.

If you require more information regarding any of our services, please contact us or your Ocean Independence broker.

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