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In The Field

True exploration is about more than just what you see; it’s about what you learn, too. Elevate your superyacht charter experience with an on-the-ground specialist.

Heli-skiing Expert



You’ll know Montenegro for its world-class superyacht facilities and sun-drenched natural beauty in summer, but in winter it’s also a stunning ski and snow sports destination – one of the last true wildernesses on the European continent. Forgo the chair-lifts and get straight from deck to summit by helicopter for an ascent that’s as exhilarating as the descent. A heli-ski expert will guide you to the very best untracked powder slopes among Montengro’s rugged black mountains and dramatic peaks for a true freeskiing adventure amid awe-inspiring scenery.

Ice Diver



A superyacht charter to the polar Arctic region is an experience of extremes. Immerse yourself in your dramatic surroundings and dive in the light of the midnight sun among the sublime sea ice formations with the expert assistance of an Ice Dive Master. You will need to be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver to brave this unique and challenging diving experience. Explore the sea floor among sea butterflies, brightly coloured star fish, mesmerising jellyfish, otherworldly pods of narwhal, bowhead whales, harp seals and beluga as they congregate at the floe edge. Known as the ‘line of life’, where land-fast ice meets the open water of the Arctic Ocean, this is one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the world, and rare sightings include walrus and polar bears. It’s natural that many who experience ice diving also share a passion for underwater photography as the opportunity to create spectacular images are unprecedented. Pack your fisheye macro lens to capture the extraordinary dancing sea angels and other bioluminescent creatures.


Papua New Guinea


For a family charter in the undiscovered Eden of Papua New Guinea, an on-board naturalist will elevate both your experience and your understanding. Celebrated for its extraordinary flora and fauna, Papua New Guinea is home to over 200 species of mammal and more than 650 species of bird. From helping children to identify the exotic birds of paradise in the Tari Basin and the Tari Gap in the Highlands to the world’s largest butterflies in the rainforests of West Irian, a naturalist will bring your charter to life.

Marine Biologist

Raja Ampat


Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelagic country of 13,000 islands with over twenty percent of the world’s coral reefs, is an unmissable superyacht charter destination. Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago boasts the greatest marine biodiversity on Earth, with 550 species of coral and 1,300 species of fish recorded here. An onboard marine biologist will help you to understand the environment and habitat around you, from explaining the threats to the endangered turtles of the Gili Islands to identifying the different species of whale and dolphin in the region.

Related Yachts

With an abundance of yachts to suit your requirements, the three featured below are just a taster to whet your appetite.
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The 68m HAWK RANGER was designed from the outset with function and practicality in mind. She is robust and ocean-ready with a 6,800 mile range that sets you free to visit many far off destinations.




Designed by Italian yard CdM and featuring naval architecture by Hydro Tec, the 39m concept FLEXPLORER blends an explorer’s soul with superyacht sophisticatio. This is an exciting opportunity for an owner to come in and personalise a rather special project that will be ready to hit the water in 2021.




Motor yacht JURATA features several eco-friendly features, including solar panels and a hybrid propulsion system, enabling guests to cruise in comfort while minimizing their ecological footprint.


Other Pursuits

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Greece | Saronic

An enthralling mix of mythology, culture and beauty collide while island hopping around the charming Saronic region of Greece. On this amazing voyage of discovery take time to engage, understand and indulge – great adventures are at your fingertips


French Riviera

Exuding glamorous chic, the French Riviera brims with stylish boutiques, sophisticated nightlife and lively restaurants. Become immersed in the palpable atmosphere of hedonistic bliss whilst cruising this iconic coastline on a quintessential summer voyage

Wild Card


There is no better way to explore the Norwegian fjords than by superyacht, where waterfalls and glaciers gracefully adorn the sensational landscape. The ultimate outdoor lifestyle accessed amongst verdantly lush scenery is what dreams are made of