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Back to the Future: Electric Tenders and Toys

Silent, emission-free and ahead of the curve. What’s not to like about alternative propulsion? Here’s our pick of the best electric tenders and toys on the market.

Silent, emission-free and ahead of the curve. What’s not to like about alternative propulsion? Here’s our pick of the best electric tenders and toys on the market.




Over ten years ago – and arguably way ahead of the curve – Janne Kjellman, a passionate Finnish sailor and founder of Q Yachts, set himself the goal of developing a silent and sustainable propulsion solution for boats. The result was Oceanvolt, a revolutionary electric marine propulsion system for sailing yachts. Fast forward to today, and that same technology has been refined, refreshed and repurposed to deliver the firm’s first 100% electric motor yacht: the Q30. A 9.3m study in sharp, minimalist style, this impressive vessel can reach speeds of up to 15 knots and glides through the water in almost total silence. Just as Kjellman always imagined. The standard battery pack can achieve a range of 42 nautical miles, and there is an option for an extended version which boasts a range of a whopping 80 nautical miles. Little wonder the Q30 has been called the ‘Tesla of the sea.’ On board, there’s room for up to eight guests with an alfresco table, sunbathing platform and touchscreen controls. Meanwhile, a bright, white cabin hiding under the deck, complete with an overhead skylight, low energy LED lighting and dayhead, enables guests to extend to an overnight stay if they get hooked on this quick, quiet and incredibly innovative vessel. And why wouldn’t they?

Q30, Q-Yachts




Thanks to its futuristic silhouette and innovative tech, the all-electric Quadrofoil demands attention for all the right reasons. This watercraft boasts C-shaped hydrofoils, allowing it to rise up and out of the water and speed along the surface with style and grace. Grab onto the Formula 1-inspired steering wheel, crafted with a touchscreen control panel at its centre, and prepare for an exhilarating ride. There’s a top speed of 40mph, and thanks to those hydrofoils, this is one steady, bump-free experience – and zero-emission, to boot.

QS2, Q-Yachts




Set up by a group of passionate surfers in Puerto Rico, the Lift eFoil is a surfboard with super powers. Driven by a silent electric motor and a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery, the team describe the experience of riding this hedonistic hydrofoil as a mix between surfing, flying and snowboarding. The best bit? There’s no need for waves – making it perfect for serene superyachts navigating smoother waters. Grab the nifty, handheld Bluetooth throttle and get moving. A must-have for high flyers.





In the heart of the British Lake District, a team of devoted boat builders paired classic looks with new technology to create the beautiful Elektra – a superlative superyacht tender. Making use of an innovative hybrid system which combines lithium batteries with super-efficient DC generators, the boat can reach speeds of up to 30 knots and cruises in near silence. Bliss. Finished with elegant English timbers – and with a skin of solar fabrics for recharging support - this is a vessel that delivers in terms of both form and function.

ELEKTRA, Patterson Boatworks

The full edition of PURSUIT – FUTURE OPTIMISTS can be found as a digital flipbook here.

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