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The Best Apps for Luxury Travellers

Discover the ultimate apps for luxury travellers to make the most of every experience.

When you book a charter with Ocean Independence, you know that every element will be well taken care of, every step of the way. But, for the tech-savvy traveller, there are also apps that can be used alongside your charter team from the moment you book to your final disembarkation. Here are Ocean Independence’s picks of their favourite, tried-and-tested apps for luxury travellers.



Jet lag can put a damper on any trip abroad – from dozing off on deck during your lunch to severe headaches, it is never pleasant. A new, science-backed app called Chronoshift will help you avoid flight fatigue before your superyacht charter by adjusting your circadian clock to your destination time zone in the days preceding the trip. Using your travel details, the app uses an advanced algorithm to generate an optimal sleep-wake schedule to make the transition as easy as possible. Information such as departure/destination cities and time available to adjust before leaving are some of the factors that Chronoshift takes into account before creating a bespoke timetable outlining the best times to do things like wake up, sleep and exercise.

Chronoshift app



It is often the way that the things you see while on holiday don’t translate in photos. Colours never seem as vibrant, the light never feels as warm. This is where Snapseed steps in. Widely considered to be the best, most straight-forward photo editing app available, it provides you with a variety of tools to enhance your photos and ensure that art imitates life once again. From creating HDR landscapes to brightening portraits or amplifying those superyacht sunsets, Snapseed makes it simple to transform your travel snaps into those worthy of a professional.

Snapseed app


Field Trip

No matter where you anchor, your captain and charter broker will be able to advise on the best spots, but Field Trip can be your pocket guide for the times you want to roam around your new destination solo. The app runs in the background of your phone and will send you an alert when you are close to something interesting. Highlighting the unique places worth visiting near your physical position, the app’s recommendations draw from those given by stylish, of-the-minute brands and you are able to choose what type of things you’re are interested in by using the ‘Categories’ function. From exhibitions and local hangouts to hidden cocktail bars and restaurants, Field Trip enables you explore more, where ever you are.

Field trip app


Google Translate

When it comes to translation apps, it would be hard to find one that comes close to the power of Google Translate. It supports more languages than any other app on the market and its comprehensive range of features makes it extremely suited to use on-the-go by travellers. Google Translate also allows users to translate menus, signs and other written content using your phone’s camera, perfect for when you find yourself at a wonderful restaurant with only a local language menu (and no pictures). Excitingly, in the autumn of 2017, Google revealed Pixel Buds, new technology that promises real-time translation in your ear via a pair of lightweight headphones. The future has definitely arrived.

Google translate app



Featuring more than 1,100 of the world’s best restaurants, including over 90 with Michelin stars, Velocity is an app that gives you access to instant, last-minute reservations at sought-after spots. Its sleek interface includes information about the type of cuisine, menu highlights and price points, and it also helps you discover new venues via an expertly-curated selection featuring handpicked destinations to suit your tastes. Plus, it not only allows you to book a table, but also to pay for it. The app currently covers London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, but it has recently secured funding to expand into 29 cities worldwide. With thousands of new users signing up each week, this app promises to revolutionise the dining experience.

Velocity app

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