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Interview with Caroline Schefeule, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard

Caroline Scheufele gives PURSUIT an insight into what to wear on the red carpet, the evolution of Haute Joaillerie and why Cannes Film Festival is the ultimate event.

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What makes the Cannes Film Festival the ultimate event?
I have always been passionate about the film industry and draw great inspiration from the actresses that walk the red carpet. So to me, Cannes is the ultimate merging of cinema and glamour; the perfect event with dazzling actresses in statement jewellery.

How have tastes evolved since you created the Haute Joaillerie Red Carpet Collection in 2007?
The Red Carpet Collection has evolved alongside the trends on the red carpet. For instance, recently actresses have been wearing more sustainable fashion so I thought it would be good to lead the way with sustainable jewellery with the creation of The Green Carpet collection at the Cannes Film Festival.

Have you noticed a trend towards women buying Haute Joaillerie for themselves?
The modern woman is an independent one and as a result she is buying more jewellery for herself than she used to. I am delighted about this. But, I know that a diamond is always more precious when chosen by your loved one!

How do you work with celebrities to choose the appropriate Haute Joaillerie for the red carpet?
I always make sure that the Red Carpet collection is diverse so that every actress can find something for her personal taste, which is why I am proud to see lots of women of different generations and styles walking the red carpet in Chopard creations. We are proud to make women like Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevingne, Dame Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts or Isabelle Huppert shine on the red carpet.

You must be incredibly proud of Chopard’s drive towards sustainable luxury?
I am indeed. It was a project we launched in 2013 and named ‘The Journey’, aware that it would be a long-term project but we knew that it was an important step to make. We did it hoping to lead the jewellery industry in the right direction. We still have new developments to announce in the coming months, it is really an ongoing project.

What’s the must-have item from Chopard this year?
I always like to make sure that there is an option for every woman that chooses to wear Chopard! But I must confess I am particularly excited to reveal the new creations for the Red Carpet collection this year.

What would be your top tip for dressing on the red carpet at Cannes?
I’ve always noticed that in Cannes, actresses are much more daring than at other events. At the Oscars, for example, they often choose a far more conservative look; this is an evening where you will see more classic pieces adorn the red carpet. In Cannes, I find there is a direct contrast. The red carpet is always filled with colourful and bolder choices, so my advice would be to express yourself.

As a family-owned business, founded over 150 years ago, Chopard has enjoyed relative independence within the jewellery sector. Following the purchase of Chopard from its founding family in 1963, Caroline Scheufele alongside her brother Karl-Friedrich elevated the Maison to new heights, while maintaining its core values of quality, excellence, sustainability and heritage.
Scheufele consistently showcases her artistic flair with every collection launched, pushing the boundaries of design, incorporating new elements and seamlessly navigating the Maison’s direction year-on-year. As a pioneer of sustainable luxury, Scheufele is an advocate for the use of Fairmined gold. Fairmined is a program developed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining, which certifies gold produced by entities that meet certain standards for responsible and ethical mining activities. Alongside sustainability, her passion for gemology and expertise in creating Haute Joaillerie were once again celebrated by the discovery of The Queen of Kalahari. An exceptional 342-carat stone of perfect colour and absolute purity, this find gave rise to a stunning set of 23 diamonds – The Garden of Kalahari.

Chopard’s independence has allowed Scheufele to further pursue her passion for film. Having developed an interest as a child, she was drawn to Cannes, as the festival effortlessly combined glamour and film in perfect harmony. However, the love affair between Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival formally began in 1998, when Pierre Viot, then President of the Festival, asked the Maison to redesign the Palme d’Or (the highest prize awarded at the Festival). In addition to creating the Palme d’Or in its workshops, Chopard uses the festival as a platform to launch and display a Red Carpet collection of one-off high jewellery pieces.

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