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Eco Revolution

It’s an uncomfortable truth that superyachts generate tonnes of emissions. To counter this, the progressive Polish shipyard Sunreef is launching the world’s most eco-friendly superyacht.

It’s an uncomfortable truth that superyachts generate tonnes of emissions. To counter this, the progressive Polish shipyard Sunreef is launching the world’s most eco-friendly superyacht, revolutionising the yachting industry and heralding a greener future.

If you want to move forward and change the world around you, you have to be able to reinvent yourself.” So says Nicholas Lapp, Vice President of Sunreef, the shipyard built on challenging the status quo.

Having revolutionised multihull design for the past 20 years with its luxury customised catamarans, Sunreef is now at the vanguard of eco-yachting innovation. Spanning sailing and power yachts, the Sunreef Yachts Eco range deploys cutting-edge technology to offer a fully customisable, responsible yachting experience which doesn’t compromise on luxury.

Developing the Eco range gave Sunreef the opportunity to go back to the drawing board and reassess every aspect of their yachts. “Green yachting is about so much more than clean propulsion,” says Lapp. “It’s about air conditioning, water and waste management, the woods and fabrics you use for the interiors. It is a very broad subject and we love to explore it.”

As a result of this 360° vision, the Eco yachts harness multiple sources of renewable energy giving the Owner total autonomy and peace of mind. The range showcases the world’s first and only composite-integrated solar panel system, which can be mounted anywhere on its surfaces. A hydro generation system creates power while the yacht is sailing, while wind turbines deliver 24-hour power generation whether at sail or in dock.

Sunreef 140

The fully optimised hull, carbon masts, booms and structural reinforcements, and ultra-light lithium batteries make the yacht’s weight as efficient as possible. Energy consumption on board is significantly reduced with sustainable insulation materials and ultra-efficient air-conditioning, while advanced water maker and purification systems keep the requirement for bottled water to an absolute minimum. The Eco yachts are finished with sustainable materials such as linen and basalt, with reclaimed hardwood floors and recyclable sails.

Sunreef’s Eco range of catamarans is now its most in-demand category of yacht and has garnered the support of Formula 1 World Champions Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso, and adventurer Mike Horn as global brand ambassadors.

There has been an uptick in enquiries on the superyacht side too, and nowhere is Sunreef’s green technology showcased more spectacularly than on Sunreef 43M. A build project six years in the making, it has been pronounced as the world’s most eco-friendly superyacht in build. Sold by Ocean Independence’s Tim Quinlan to a longstanding charter Client who wanted to blaze a trail in the eco-yachting space, the project is due for completion in 2025.

Sunreef 140

“The role that yacht owners play in developing the technologies of the future is crucial,” says Lapp. “As a shipyard, we make all the efforts possible to push things forward and come up with sustainable concepts, but we need forward-thinking owners to turn them into reality. The superyacht world needs a change; the Sunreef 43M Eco proves that luxury and responsibility should go together.”



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