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Edel & Stark

From luxury lifts to superyachts, from Mercedes V Class mini-vans to Ferrari 488 Spiders, from celebrities to businesses, Edel & Stark have the sphere of luxury car rental covered.

“We were once contacted by someone who wanted a Bentley GTC,” recalls Benedikt Lüchinger, one of Edel & Stark’s founders. “This is a pretty standard car request, however, it was the itinerary that was special. An international one-way booking starting in Edinburgh, Scotland, ending up in Ibiza, Spain.” The driver for this epic roadtrip? American rapper Xzibit.


Edel & Stark has become the car rental choice of the discerning, thanks to its dedication to first-class customer service and quality, which, from the beginning, has mirrored that of the five-star hotel industry—something that was a relatively new concept in the realms of traditionally utilitarian car rental. “We want our customers to be able to call 24/7 and know that everything will be taken care of,” says Lüchinger. Co-founded in Switzerland in 2011 by Benedikt Lüchinger, Edel & Stark has almost merged the concepts of concierge and rental service, taking care of everything from delivery of the car, formalities and extra wishes, to even restaurant and hotel recommendations.

With branches and vehicles available across Europe and the UAE offering high-end clients a diverse luxury fleet, Edel & Stark is able to cater to a variety of markets, customers and needs. “On the one hand, we serve visitors from all over the world who spend their holidays in Europe or the UAE and are looking to rent new, high-quality luxury cars,” says Lüchinger. “On the other, we also cater to the corporate car rental market. Companies approach us to rent appropriate cars for their interim managers, expats and other employees that have to work abroad temporarily, with rentals usually lasting for several months.”

Benedikt Lüchinger explains that their clients in Europe mainly consist of visitors that either need a big mini-van for their family or a stylish sports car to explore the beautiful open roads and sights around the place they’re staying. International one-way bookings are also very popular in Europe since it is so easy to cover multiple countries in just a few days. “Trips like Zurich to Milan or Nice to Geneva are especially popular,” he says. “The roads between these places are fantastic to drive, the scenery is spectacular and the distances are manageable.” While the UAE has seen an increasing number of long-term and corporate rentals, luxury cars for exploring this fascinating part of the world are also very popular. “The top-seller in the United Arab Emirates is the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6, a huge car that is not particularly popular in Europe,” says Lüchinger.

So, what car would a man surrounded by a fleet of the ultimate supercars choose for himself? “Our most popular models are the Lamborghini Aventador, the Ferrari 488 Spider and the Aston Martin DB11, but in my opinion, the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 is the perfect car,” he says. “I’ve always liked the classy design by Mercedes. To me, it symbolizes some kind of timeless elegance. Furthermore, you can always rely on flawless technology performance. The GLS 63 runs smoothly and provides an incredibly comfortable driving feel. Although I do like driving a tight and aggressive sports car like a Lamborghini or a McLaren, it is just not what I prefer to drive on a daily basis.”

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