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Design and Technology

Flying Under the Sea

For THRILLING RIDES both over and UNDER THE WATER, a sleek and speedy SEABOB might be just the ticket

It sounds too good to be true. Gliding across the ocean at speeds of up to 22km/h with the minimum of effort? The SEABOB, happily, is very real – and these achingly slick luxury water sports vehicles just keep on getting better, faster and lighter.

Made in Germany by tech pros CAYAGO, the machines use a special E-Jet Power System, which works by sucking in water through a rotating impeller and forcing it out under high pressure. The process creates a powerful thrust and propels the SEABOB forward at thrilling speeds. All the pilot has to do is hold onto the control grips, jump on board and gently accelerate by pulling the trigger. The only downside? Swimming might feel like a drag after grabbing a ride on a SEABOB. 

As well as jetting across the surface of the water like a dolphin, the SEABOB can also dip beneath the surface – either way, the pilot simply steers the vehicle using bodyweight alone. Easy. The safety cut-off kicks in at 2.5 metres down, but these speed machines can be individually programmed to go much deeper for die- hard divers. Meanwhile, a slick-looking control panel (that wouldn’t look out of place on a high performance sports car) keeps the pilot up to speed on depth, water temperature and battery power. 
Thanks to its cutting-edge, electro-technology, these speedy little water sleds are absolutely emission-free, too – and new innovations mean they generate less noise than ever. That makes it even easier to fly alongside sea life, slowing down to take a closer look at anything that catches the eye. Handcrafted using carbon, precious metals and ceramic coatings, these stylish sea sleds look the part on a superyacht and can even be fully customised to match. 

2 people using Seabobs underwater, passing vibrant coral
Man gliding across water, holding Seabob
Man carrying Seabob on beach, walking towards Sea

Handcrafted using carbon, precious metals and ceramic coatings

Want to share your underwater adventures with your friends? Done. Two integrated camera systems are available as an upgrade on the F5 and the F5 S, and come as standard on the F5 SR (one in the nose and one in the console for action selfies) so that journeys can be filmed in HD, and transferred straight to mobile. Download the new SEABOB app to optimise your experience – and then start sharing your water-bound adventures far and wide as you explore corals beneath the surface in the Caribbean or jet across the Mediterranean

Take your pick from three speedy sea sled models, including the seriously charismatic SEABOB F5 SR, the most powerful of the trio, featuring two sleek rear fins for extra stability and sporty style. A chrome display console and tail will give this model serious panache on the water – plus, you can take your pick from the entire colour range (there are 12 to choose from) to ensure your ride is the hottest on the waves. With no driving licence required to power up one these sexy pieces of tech, what are you waiting for? There are oceans to be explored and waves to ride. Time to jump on board and pull that trigger.

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