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Full Throttle

Whether you are flying down an ice track or witnessing drivers at Nascar and Formula 1 pushing their vehicles to the absolute limit, speed reigns supreme.


City Circuit


The Monaco Historic Grand Prix is a retrospective of the golden age of car racing. Taking place in May every second year the event sees eight races on Monaco’s famous track, using roads in the Principality that haven’t changed since the first race on 14 April 1929. Typically two weeks before the annual F1 Grand Prix of Monaco and organised by the Automobile Club of Monaco (ACM), Monaco’s Historic Grand Prix is a chic celebration of speed and tradition. Even from your deck you will hear the scream of super-tuned Grand Prix vintage engines from the ‘30s and ‘80s echoing around the natural amphitheater of Monaco bay.

old fashioned cars


500 Mile Sprint


As you approach the Daytona International Speedway, the smell of gasoline and burning rubber in the air is unmistakable. The inaugural Daytona 500 was held in 1959 coinciding with the opening of the speedway and since 1982 it has been the season-opening race of the Cup series. Held every February, the race sees 40 drivers complete 200 laps of the 2.5-mile tri-oval track, which includes wicked 31-degree banking turns. The Daytona 500 is the most prestigious race on the NASCAR calendar, carrying not only the largest purse of the series but also ultimate bragging rights.

pre race pit stop


A Rapid Descent

St. Moritz

Cresta Run in St Moritz is an unparalleled downhill adrenaline rush. Developed in 1884 by tobogganing fanatics who exchanged traditional feet-first racing for a reckless head-first technique, the Cresta Run requires skill and a whole lot of courage. As an amateur, you’ll start at the Junction, a point approximately a quarter of the way down the natural ice track and descend the three quarter mile-long run at speeds that exceed 60 mph. Negotiate delicate bends at breakneck speeds, including the infamous Shuttlecock corner and aim to complete the the course in 65 to 75 seconds. For optimal conditions, visit between the end of January and end of February.

people racing black and white

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