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The Future of Superyachting: Louis Hamming

As the meaning of luxury and generational preferences shift, the yachting experience evolves. Superyacht thought leader Louis Hamming explores the technology, trends and truths that shape the future.

Louis Hamming, of Dutch shipyard Vitters, explores the trends that are shaping the future of the superyacht industry. Read more insights into the future of yachting from Rose Damen and Holger Kahl.


What does ‘pushing the boundaries’ mean to the next generation of sailing yacht Owners?

Pushing the boundaries will mean visiting the remotest places with a profound curiosity and respect for nature and the environment. It will mean going to areas where the use of fossil fuels is discouraged and even not allowed, which will call for hybrid, electric and battery power, and innovations in the realms of sustainability.

Describe the sailing yacht of the future.

The sailing yacht of the future has all the luxury one can imagine. It is light, has ample space and is unrivalled in performance. On paper, the sailing yacht of the future is nothing different, but the new, exciting ways in which we reach these goals and create the ideal yacht, is certain to evolve.

How will new technology influence design?

Technology will give us the opportunity to combine the qualities of materials, such as titanium, carbon fibre, glass, anodised aluminium and more, to come closer to the ultimate client idea. Sailing yachts, for example, will become lighter weight and faster, while still maintaining the highest levels of comfort. Technology will enable us to come ever-closer to the perfect yacht.

Will size matter as much to the next generation?

Size will matter but not necessarily in a “bigger is better” way. Some of our clients come back for smaller yachts. Small can be beautiful, and small and beautiful is a perfect combination. There is a saying from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of Le Petit Prince: “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing to take away!”

Which kind of yachts will stand the test of time?

Yachts that are well-built, where the design and technology that are applied match the use and ideas of the Owners.

What can we expect from the next generation?

The next generation’s passions will push yachting in new directions.

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